Best Web Hosting in Singapore — Go Global or Stay Local?

Want to launch your Singapore website?

Here on this page, we evaluate all top hosting providers in Singapore to list out the best based on our comprehensive evaluation methodology.

Pick one and launch your online presence!

Our Evaluation Methodology:

  1. We evaluate the terms, reputation and support of the web host.
  2. We look for all essential web hosting features.
  3. We compare pricing packages and their restrictions.

Ready to choose the best web host in Singapore? We have it covered here.

The hosting providers on our list are split into two categories:

  • Best local hosts – providers from Singapore focused mainly on the local market
  • Best global hosts – large companies with data centers in Singapore (or at least SE Asia)

Top 4 Local Hosts

1. Exabytes

Simplify, Innovate, and Grow are the three pillars of all Exabytes services. This Singapore provider caters for 100,000+ websites from its two local data centers. Perfect combinations between features and price. FULL REVIEW

  • Feature-rich packages
  • Daily backups
  • Value-added extras
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Simplify, Innovate, and Grow are the three pillars of all Exabytes services. This Singapore provider caters for 100,000+ websites from its two local data centers. Perfect combinations between features and price. FULL REVIEW

Data centers

Respectable presence in Asia Pacific and the US


Solid scalability, but highest-tier plans add a setup fee


Decent, but only available during working hours

Control panel


2. Vodien

Vodien is a part of Asian tech conglomerate DreamScape Networks and currently powers over 210,000 web projects. The company offers the full range of hosting services, as well as security and office solutions. Ranks #1 among local Singapore providers in terms of market share. FULL REVIEW

  • Good speed scores
  • 24/7 friendly support
  • Value-added extras
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Vodien is a part of Asian tech conglomerate DreamScape Networks and currently powers over 210,000 web projects. The company offers the full range of hosting services, as well as security and office solutions. Ranks #1 among local Singapore providers in terms of market share. FULL REVIEW

Data centers

Excellent coverage, especially in Asia and Australia


Good range of plans, but the higher-tier ones are slightly overpriced


Decent, but clunky design

Control panel


3. APC Hosting

Any small or medium business might find a reliable hosting partner in APC. The accounts pack all the basics you might need to start your online venture – a site builder, a free CDN, shared SSL certificates. An affordable entry in Singapore web hosting. FULL REVIEW

  • Unlimited websites on all plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Choice of control panels
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Any small or medium business might find a reliable hosting partner in APC. The accounts pack all the basics you might need to start your online venture – a site builder, a free CDN, shared SSL certificates. An affordable entry in Singapore web hosting. FULL REVIEW

Data centers

Splendid presence in Asia-Pacific


Decent options, but there's a bit jump from shared to VPS hosting


Passable, but the team is likely understaffed

Control panel

cPanel or Plesk

4. Usonyx

Usonyx is part of the Exabytes group of companies, so it has a lot of expertise dealing with Asian clients and businesses. Unlock the full potential of your online efforts and enjoy a stable and intuitive environment. FULL REVIEW

  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Scalable accounts
  • Excellent server uptime
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Usonyx is part of the Exabytes group of companies, so it has a lot of expertise dealing with Asian clients and businesses. Unlock the full potential of your online efforts and enjoy a stable and intuitive environment. FULL REVIEW

Data centers

Excellent base in Singapore


Superbly scalable cloud infrastructure



Control panel


Top 4 Global Hosts

1. Hostinger

Hostinger’s business model includes acquiring local companies and offering hosting services tailored to each market. The Lithuanian host couples fast servers with unmatchable prices for new clients. A budget-friendly entry in hosting. FULL REVIEW

  • Stellar performance
  • Extremely affordable
  • Fast servers
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Hostinger’s business model includes acquiring local companies and offering hosting services tailored to each market. The Lithuanian host couples fast servers with unmatchable prices for new clients. A budget-friendly entry in hosting. FULL REVIEW





Loading speed




2. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the go-to names when it comes to quality services and personable support. The company is responsible for over 1.8 million domain names and one of the top hosts in terms of customer satisfaction. A recognized WordPress partner. FULL REVIEW

  • Rich feature set
  • Outstanding support
  • SSD storage space
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SiteGround is one of the go-to names when it comes to quality services and personable support. The company is responsible for over 1.8 million domain names and one of the top hosts in terms of customer satisfaction. A recognized WordPress partner. FULL REVIEW





Loading speed




3. GoDaddy

GD is one of the biggest operations in hosting and clear #1 among domain registrars. You can get a free domain and start your first website in minutes. GoDaddy supports the full range of services so you always have suitable options as you grow. FULL REVIEW

  • Strong uptime stats
  • DDoS protection
  • Great scalability
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GD is one of the biggest operations in hosting and clear #1 among domain registrars. You can get a free domain and start your first website in minutes. GoDaddy supports the full range of services so you always have suitable options as you grow. FULL REVIEW









4. FastComet

If you need to host a project with an international audience, FastComet is one of the companies that can ensure great global coverage and flawless connectivity. And that goes not only for Singapore but the whole world. FastComet is famous for its support with a personal touch, and you can always expect timely and useful technical assistance. FULL REVIEW

  • Globally available
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable
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If you need to host a project with an international audience, FastComet is one of the companies that can ensure great global coverage and flawless connectivity. And that goes not only for Singapore but the whole world. FastComet is famous for its support with a personal touch, and you can always expect timely and useful technical assistance. FULL REVIEW



Loading speed



Fast and friendly support

Control panel


Singapore Hosting – The Best Way to Conquer Asia

Time to check out the Asia-Pacific hosting market.

After all, 49% of online users come from the largest and most populous continent.

In case you’ve missed it, we already covered the best hosts in the UK, Australia, Canada, and India.

But all eyes are on Singapore now. The tiny Asian island nation is actually a key technology and communications hub. This is why web hosting in Singapore is such a hot topic right now.

Before we dive into it, let’s have a fun history lesson.

Do you know where the name Singapore comes from?

The literal translation of the word from Sanskrit/Malay means Lion City. Legend has it that a Sumatran prince saw a lion on the shores of the island and wanted to celebrate its majesty.

But wait a minute.

There are no lions in Singapore!

On the other hand, there are plenty of tigers, which was probably what the prince saw.

Can you imagine if he called it Tiger City? It would be something like Harimaupore or तिगेर चित्य in Sanskrit.

Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

But enough about history — you are here to find out all about the best Singapore hosting providers. And that mission starts with understanding the local market.

Singapore Hosting Market

The hosting industry in Singapore is booming. There is more than enough customer demand, and the technological environment is suitable for continuous growth.

In fact, the Singapore hosting market processes over 2.5 billion GB of data daily.

The country is a preferred choice of many major companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, to best serve their Asian audiences.

Global commercial real estate corporation Cushman&Wakefield recently voted Singapore as the “Most robust Asian market for data centers.”

Everything sounds dandy and peachy.

There is one problem, though.

Singapore is running out of land.

Despite historical territorial expansions, the island country is still one of the smallest in Asia, spanning a mere 725 square km (about 280 square miles). Singapore is even behind Palestine and Brunei in that aspect.

The land shortage and rising operational costs are the two pressing issues the industry needs to tackle. If hosting providers find a way to overcome them — it’s smooth sailing from there on out.

So which are the best local and global web hosting companies in Singapore?

The 8 hosts below feature 4 entirely local companies and 4 international names.

Best Local Hosting in Singapore

Our first stop is the regional market. We studied Exabytes, Vodien, APC Hosting and Usonyx.

Singapore hosts seem in tune with the technology trends, but do they have what it takes to fend off the big international corporations?

Best Global Hosts

SiteGround, Hostinger, FastComet and GoDaddy have a strong presence in the Singapore hosting scene.

Top 4 Local Hosts



Starting at
S$ 4.99 /mo
  • DATA CENTERS: Aisa Pacific and US
  • SUPPORT: Available during working hours
  • Feature-rich packages
  • Value-added extras
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL
  • Expensive site migration
  • No SSD on shared

Exabytes provides some of the best SG website hosting services. The company keeps a fine balance between features and price to serve businesses of various sizes.

Exabytes utilizes some of the best servers in two strategically located data centers — in Paya Lebar and Tai Seng Drive, Singapore.

Exabytes Features

Being a part of a large conglomerate with strong financial backing means you can afford to be a bit more generous.

Exabytes takes full advantage of that freedom.

The provider flaunts three luscious-looking shared hosting deals:

The entry-level plan gives you 10GB disk space, 20GB monthly bandwidth, and ten email accounts. That’s not too shabby, especially considering you also have an SSL certificate, daily backups, and domain protection included for free.

Going up the ladder, you get significantly more server resources and the ability to host a large number of websites on a single account.

You can upgrade each package to a Premium one, аnd from what I can gather, that switches your disk space to SSD, turns bandwidth to unlimited, and adds a free domain name.


Exabytes advertises across-the-board support services. You have access to a 9-to-5 GMT+8 phone line, plus chat, email, and ticketing services.

After several attempts to reach someone via messenger, I got an email that the live chat was only available during business hours, GMT+8 time.

When I finally got a hold of a support operator, the assistance was adequate, and the representative was polite enough. On the downside, each reply took several minutes, so the service is not the swiftest.

For what it’s worth, Exabyte’s knowledge base is full of useful tutorials and guides, so if you are into self-learning — you can go from there.

User Reviews

Testimonials from Exabytes clients online are most often on the positive side. Trustpilot reviewers go as far as giving 92% excellent ratings.

  • TrustPilot score — 4.6 / 5 (24 reviews)
  • HostAdvice score — 8.5 / 10 (20 reviews)

Clients depict Exabytes as a trustworthy provider with fast servers and perfect uptime. Company operators are also active in review aggregator websites, replying to both positive and negative comments.

Exabytes Plans and Pricing

  • EBiz Lite – from S$5.99/mo
  • EBiz Plus – from S$7.99/mo
  • EBiz Gold – from S$9.99/mo

The price tags look quite affordable for shared hosting in Singapore as well. Even the Tier-3 package with Exabytes stands at S$9.99, which can beat many well-known global providers.

One very exciting option here – you can triple the resources and performance on each of the three plans. This extra comes at around $4-7/mo.

Advertised prices are for the yearly billing plans. Should you choose to pay biennially or triennially the rates get even lower.



Starting at
$ 11 /mo
  • DATA CENTERS: Excellent coverage
  • SCALABILITY: Good range of plans
  • SUPPORT: Decent
  • Good speed scores
  • 24/7 friendly support
  • Value-added extras
  • Advanced security and monitoring
  • Fast servers
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Only weekly backups

Vodien holds the #4 place (and first among local hosts) in terms of market share in Singapore. The company provides a stable and reliable service with plenty of options for different types of clients.

Today, Vodien is responsible for the hosting services of 210,000+ websites, securing its place as a top web hosting company in Singapore.

Vodien Features

Even though Vodien’s primary focus is Singapore, the company also employs data centers in Australia, the US, and the UK.

The provider also ensures you have enough shared hosting deals to choose from.

As you can see, there are five plans at your disposal:

  • webValue
  • webPlus
  • webExpert
  • webElite
  • webUltimate

Three aspects separate the packages — the amount of storage space, number of websites, and email accounts.

Apart from that, it’s a pretty straightforward deal. You get a cPanel with unlimited subdomains, parked domains, and FTP accounts. You can activate a free SSL and add a secure HTTPS connection, so all your visitors feel safe. The backups happen on a weekly basis.


Unlike Exabytes, Vodien advertises 24/7 support across multiple channels. You have a phone line, chat, email, and a rich tutorial archive.

There were some discrepancies on the Vodien website, so I was eager to clear things out with an actual person.

There was a chat popup, and this is where I first headed.

It turns out, my initial message did not redirect me to an actual person and instead sent an email to Vodien.

It’s not really the live help I expected.

I did manage to connect to a real person after several tries, and he was quite friendly. As the operator explained, whenever the live chat gets too busy, the messages are redirected to email.

User Reviews

Vodien can certainly benefit from some positive PR nowadays, as their review scores are less than flattering.

  • TrustPilot score — 3.5 / 5 (92 reviews)
  • HostAdvice score — 2.1 / 10 (9 reviews)

Far too many times, you can find downtimes and lack of helpful support reported.

Still, as far as web hosting in Singapore goes, Vodien at least tries to mitigate the damaging reports by trying to further assist clients on review websites.

Vodien Plans and Pricing

  • webValue – from S$11.00/mo
  • webPlus – from S$22.00/mo
  • webExpert – from S$33.00/mo
  • webElite – from S$66.00/mo
  • webUltimate – from S$99.00/mo

Vodien is far from the cheapest hosting in Singapore, charging at least S$11.00/mo, even for the entry-level deal. And that’s if you choose to prepay an entire two years in advance.

There are a bunch of extras you can add during checkout as well.

Some of the more exciting add-ons include an SSL certificate (S$2/mo), daily backups (S$5/mo), and managed DDoS protection (S$40/mo).

APC Hosting
APC Hosting
APC Hosting


Starting at
SGD 5 /mo
  • DATA CENTERS: Asia-Pacific
  • SCALABILITY: Solid options
  • SUPPORT: Understaffed
  • CONTROL PANEL: cPanel or Plesk
  • SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Choice of control panels
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited websites on all plans
  • Advanced security with Imunify360 and Cloudflare
  • Limited storage space
  • Weekly backups only
  • Support a bit slow

When it comes to reliable website hosting in Singapore, APC Hosting is up there with the big boys. The company has a strong focus on performance and security, as its hardware infrastructure makes apparent.

A smart choice for startups and SMBs, APC Hosting supports a wide range of extra services, such as server management, email spam filtering, and DNS hosting.

APC Hosting Features

APC Hosting has three shared hosting plans in store for you – Basic, Standard, and Professional.

Whichever you choose, you can upgrade at any point. Any leftover time will be added to your new package and billed at the new rate.

First thing you might notice is the storage space — much less than what most providers in our web hosting comparison have to offer. The key is it’s SSD. It works like a rocket booster for your website and makes up for a much more secure and reliable solution.

All APC accounts pack a free SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, and a one-click installer.

If you need to host unlimited websites — you will struggle to find a better partner than APC Hosting. Unlike most hosts, there is no cap on the number of projects, even on the smallest package.


I was already getting used to providers of web hosting in Singapore not following up on their support promises.

So when I got connected to a live person in less than a minute, I was ecstatic.

APC quickly managed to turn my smile to a frown when the operator started taking 3-4 minutes for each reply, sometimes even without checking my entire questions.

All I wanted was to clear out a couple of billing and WordPress concerns but to no avail.

At one point, the operator told me this was not a sales chat (even though I chose this department specifically), and he was, in fact, part of the technical team.

Even better, I have some tech questions for you…

I don’t think he saw that coming.

After another few minutes of waiting, I just left the chat.

I later got an email with an answer to my question, but that was far too long of a wait for a simple query.

APC hosting adds access to a phone line and messaging system, which is available Mon-Fri between 9 am and 6 pm GMT+8.

Internal ticketing is open 24/7 for technical support.

User Reviews

As popular as it might be, APC Hosting suspiciously lacks any user reviews over the Web.

  • TrustPilot score — N/A
  • HostAdvice score — 9.6 / 10 (1 review)

There is barely any place that you can find more than a couple of testimonials about the host. But giving credit where credit is due, APC’s rare reviews are mostly positive and outline a stable and reliable service.

APC Hosting Plans and Pricing

  • Basic – from S$5.00/mo
  • Standard – from S$10.00/mo
  • Professional – from $15.00/mo

APC Hosting flaunts some of the best web hosting prices in Singapore, and those are valid for both new and existing clients. The company support happily confirmed the renewal rates are the same as the introductory ones. That’s wonderful for businesses on a tight budget as it can help with long-term financial planning.

The three packages come at S$5.00/mo, S$10.00/mo, and S$15.00/mo accordingly. Prepaying a year in advance shaves off two months of’ fees on the Standard and Pro packages.

You can add a Weebly subscription as well and utilize one of the most popular website builders for your online needs.



Starting at
SGD 9 /mo
  • DATA CENTERS: Singapore
  • SUPPORT: Mediocre
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Scalable accounts
  • Excellent server uptime
  • No traffic caps
  • 7-day backup restore
  • Tuned for performance
  • No free trial
  • Live chat a bit slow
  • No refunds whatsoever

Usonyx is a prominent Singapore server provider with long experience in the hosting business. The company knows heaps about hardware and how to make websites run faster. Its shared accounts come with more than enough storage space while putting no cap on data transfer.

In 2014, Usonyx was acquired by the leading Asian web server and hosting provider Exabytes.

To this day, Uso continues to develop and implement new cyber security and optimization solutions utilizing cloud tech.

Usonyx Features

Four shared packages currently fill up the Usonyx portfolio:

  • BeCloud10
  • BeCloud20
  • BeCloud30
  • BeCloud50

Those numbers apparently relate to the number of mailboxes (or databases) on each plan.

Apart from the features above, there is not much separating the deals. They all carry the option of unlimited-everything in the cPanel — subdomains, parked domains, FTP accounts.

But that’s pretty much it.

No intricate security optimizations or fancy add-ons. Not even as paid extras, as far as I can tell.

Looks good enough for startups, but growing businesses might find the feature set insufficient at some point.


When I first learned Usonyx was under the Exabytes command, I expected the support assistance to be the same as the mother company.

Turns out, I was right.

My live chat experience was identical to the one at Exabytes — either unresponsive or slow operators with limited knowledge.

Usonyx mostly operates through phone (9-17 GMT+8) and emails for sales and technical queries.

I found no knowledge base, but there is a helpful blog, which seems to get regular updates with articles about the hosting basics.

User Reviews

Here is one webhost in Singapore that users have no problem praising. Usonyx enjoys a spotless reputation, which is a rarity among local providers.

TrustPilot score — 3.8 / 5 (2 reviews)
HostAdvice score — 9.2 / 10 (13 reviews)

Clients are often praising the VPS and dedicated server solutions, indicating the company’s focus on fast performance and optimized cyber security. The support also satisfies the majority of users.

Usonyx Plans and Pricing

  • BeCloud10 – from S$9.00/mo
  • BeCloud20 – from S$17.00/mo
  • BeCloud30 – from S$23.00/mo
  • BeCloud50 – from S$36.00/mo

Usonyx might have some of the best SG servers, but you have to be prepared to pay the price. The provider advertises yearly rates, but interestingly enough, they don’t get lower if you prepay for a longer time.

As for add-on features, you can choose to include SiteLock (S$29/year) and SpamExperts (S$180/year).

Top 4 Global Hosts



Starting at
$ 0.99 /mo
  • UPTIME 99.97%
  • SUPPORT 9/10
  • FEATURES 9/10
  • Stellar performance
  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect uptime
  • Fast servers
  • Easy website builder

Hostinger is all about serving clients on a budget. Among other locations, the company utilizes a Singapore data center, which makes it a perfect choice for startups in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite some minor hiccups, Hostinger’s price-quality ratio is simply unbeatable.

The Lithuanian provider ensures optimal global coverage with web servers in key locations in the US, the UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger offers three packages for shared clients — Single, Premium, and Business. The first one lets you host a single website, while the latter two give you the option of up to 100 different projects.

What are the perks you can get, regardless of the chosen plan?

Newbies will surely appreciate the easy drag-and-drop site builder, which will make their first experience with websites quite enjoyable.

Resource-wise, you are definitely getting more than you bargained for. All plans come with a lightning-fast SSD storage, and you don’t have to worry about reaching bandwidth limits either.

Watch out, though!

If you are looking for email hosting in Singapore, Hostinger might not be the best pick. All shared accounts only include a single mailbox, and should you need more — you have to add an email hosting package as well.


My expectations of Hostinger weren’t particularly high, but they managed to sway me around.

Each time I contacted the support operators through chat, I got immediate replies. Sure, they were not always super in-depth, but enough to help even the ones with no experience in the field.

I found one thing particularly enjoyable.

Whenever I asked for something that was not possible with Hostinger, the operator always gave me suitable alternative offers from one of its sister companies.

A vast network of partners works miracles in that aspect.

Hostinger User Reviews

Another globally-popular provider, Hostinger is at the forefront when it comes to quality web hosting in Singapore.

  • TrustPilot score — 4.5 / 5 (1,529 reviews)
  • HostAdvice score — 9.3 / 10 (1,669 reviews)

Clients are often amazed by the lightning-fast web servers, even on the most affordable plans. Hostinger holds an impressive 87% Excellent Rating score in Trustpilot, one of the biggest review aggregator websites.

The smooth migration and optimized website performance are the things that most often wow the customers.

Hostinger Plans and Pricing

  • Single Shared – from $0.99/mo
  • Premium Shared – from $2.89/mo
  • Business Shared – from $3.99/mo

All minor inconveniences fade out when you take a look at Hostinger’s price tag.

Starting at just S$0.99/mo, this is by far the cheapest provider I found in my Singapore hosting review. Sure, the price is only available for the initial billing period, but even at renewal, the rates are more than affordable – $2.14/mo for the entry-level deal.

As the accounts are rather bare-boned, you can enhance your experience with a few add-ons:

  • Daily backups – $0.95/mo
  • Cloudflare protection – $9.95/lifetime
  • Priority support – $1.99/mo
  • SEO toolkit – $9.99/mo

Should you need an SSL certificate, it can be activated for free by Hostinger’s support.



Starting at
$ 6.99 /mo
  • UPTIME 99.99%
  • SUPPORT 10/10
  • FEATURES 9.5/10
  • Rich feature set
  • Outstanding support
  • SSD storage space
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • WordPress-optimized
  • Remarkable support

Siteground is a great all-round company with substantial experience behind its back. The host balances a wide range of services with competent support assistance. The fact that SiteGround utilizes web servers in Singapore makes it all the more lucrative for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company offers probably the best Singapore WordPress hosting. The active participation in the evolution of the popular CMS has earned SiteGround an official partnership recognition from the WP developers.

SiteGround Features

SiteGround ensures even its lowest-cost offering is good enough for most new clients. Growing bigger, you have enough options to scale without any service interruptions.

Feature-wise, SiteGround has a lot to offer to anyone looking for web hosting in Singapore, especially compared to local providers.

Each package comes with a free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, even SSH access for the technically-versed.

Moving up, you can benefit from advanced WordPress features, a proprietary content caching plugin, and prioritized support.

There are so many features I am sure to miss some good ones.


When hosting companies focus on technology and features, customer support often takes a back seat.

That’s not the case with SiteGround.

Not only do they offer 24/7 support services via live chat, phone, email, and ticketing, but they are actually doing it right.

Connection to the chat? Immediate.

Have sales questions? Nothing you cannot ask.

Need WordPress-specific help? That’s the place.

You have no idea where to start? Your operator will patiently walk you through the steps.

There’s little they can’t do, really. Even in such rare cases, they’ll escalate your issue to a superior and still have it resolved in no time.

This is exactly how efficient support should operate.

SiteGround User Reviews

SiteGround’s personal care and top-of-the-line technology easily ranks them among the best web hosting providers in Singapore, according to clients.

TrustPilot score — 4.7 / 5 (5,069 reviews)
HostAdvice score — 9.7 / 10 (2,224 reviews)

SG has grown to be one of the biggest companies in the business, so there are thousands of reviews online, mostly excellent. The provider even finds time to deal with the negative comments, proving once again that dedicated and professional support can do wonders.

SiteGround Plans and Pricing

  • Startup – from $6.99/mo
  • GrowBig – from $9.99/mo
  • GoGeek – from $14.99/mo

Despite thе feature abundance, the introductory prices are not off the roof. In fact, with the StartUp plan coming at just $6.99/mo, you are looking at quite the cost-effective deal.

If you like SiteGround, it’s best to go for a longer-term plan so you can secure the promo rate for the whole length of the deal. After that, renewal prices tend to be much steeper, so you have to rearrange your budget.



Starting at
SGD 1.49 /mo
  • UPTIME: 100%
  • SUPPORT: 6/10
  • SPEED: 1.25s
  • FEATURES: 8/10
  • Strong uptime stats
  • DDoS protection
  • Great scalability
  • Free domain
  • Perfect uptime

GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world (if not the biggest).

GD might be a corporation of formidable size, but there are better contenders for the best web hosting in Singapore. The packages stack well against local providers, but not so much when it comes to international competitors.

GoDaddy has acquired a number of web service companies in the last decade, most notably Media Temple, ManageWP, and Sucuri.

GoDaddy Features

You can choose between four robust plans with GoDaddy. On the Economy deal, you can host one website, but all limitations are off with the Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum packages.

Linux and Windows projects are both welcome.

All plans come with a free domain, control panel with a one-click installer, and 24/7 security monitoring. The downside here is the HDD storage, which is much slower than SSD.

You can find other helpful extras in the more expensive deals, like free SSL and private DNS, but all in all, there isn’t a lot to work with.

GoDaddy might not be a worthy competitor for the fastest web hosting in Singapore, but its 100% uptime test scores certainly make it one of the most reliable.


GoDaddy seems to outsource its support services in search of cheaper labor, which inevitably reflects on its quality. The operators often service multiple brands, offer limited help, or sound like robots.

Not the kind of assistance you would hope for.

In an effort to compensate, GoDaddy opens its phone lines for clients from over 40 countries.

Self-learners can check out the archive of tutorials and how-tos.

User Reviews

Depending on what type of service you have with GoDaddy, you can find web hosting reviews on both ends of the spectrum.

TrustPilot score — 4.1 / 5 (10,220 reviews)
HostAdvice score — 3.1 / 10 (421 reviews)

The provider is generally solid, but mostly for smaller and personal projects. GoDaddy is not famous for its reliability or transparent business practices, so you always have to triple-check all details before you make a switch.

GoDaddy Plans and Pricing

  • Economy – from S$5.99/mo
  • Deluxe – from S$7.99/mo
  • Ultimate – from S$12.99/mo
  • Maximum – from S$20.99/mo

The lack of cool add-on features with GoDaddy wouldn’t be so alarming if it weren’t for the prices.

Hosting a single small website will cost you at least S$5.99/mo, and that’s including the introductory promo. After the initial billing period, your monthly fee can reach S$13.99.

Not suitable for those with shallow pockets.



Starting at
$ 2.95 /mo
  • UPTIME: 99.99%
  • LOADING SPEED: 1.09s
  • SUPPORT: Fast and friendly support



FastComet Features

Right off the bat, FastComet greets you with very robust and feature-packed accounts. Even on the cheapest Singapore hosting deal, you are getting heaps of free extras – SSL certificates, daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, BitNinja server security.

If you are moving from another provider, FastComet can take care of all transfers and move your data and domain completely free of charge.

The provider utilizes SSD technology on all servers, guaranteeing you will get the best possible page load times and subsequently – happy visitors.

FastComet has a strong focus on innovations as well. The company has developed several unique solutions for server monitoring and management to minimize the risk of site breaches and attacks.


FastComet likes to make sure all clients have an easy way to ask for assistance.

You can get in touch with FC operators via phone lines, live chat, emails, ticketing portal, and they’re all open 24/7.

Truth be told, many operators offer round-the-clock assistance, but few can do it better than FastComet. I tested both live chat and ticketing, and always got super friendly support that thoroughly investigated my questions before answering.

The one time when my operator wasn’t able to help, they quickly escalated the case to a more experienced staff member, who got the job done perfectly.

User Reviews

FastComet’s fantastic support is often getting the most praise from existing customers online.

  • TrustPilot score — 4.7 / 5 (952 reviews)
  • HostAdvice score — 9.6 / 10 (872 reviews)

The provider is not only one of the best in Singapore, but among the top contenders in any review website. Apart from the industry-leading support team, the server environment and feature abundance are also getting heaps of flattering testimonials.

Sure, there are some unhappy customers as well, but FastComet takes great care to provide a detailed reply and resolution proposition for everyone.

FastComet Plans and Pricing

  • FastCloud – from $2.95/mo
  • FastCloud Plus – from $4.45/mo
  • FastCloud Extra – from $5.95/mo

Every new FastComet client can take advantage of a 70% discount on shared accounts. This means a standard price of $9.95/mo can go down to just $2.95/mo for your initial billing period – one month, one, two, or three years.

You have a few handy add-ons awaiting at checkout, including SEO Audit ($9.95 one time) and Google Sitemap creation ($14.95 one time).

How We Ranked the Best Singapore Hosts – Our Research Process

The hosting market is heavily saturated.

I mean, how can it not be?

A few hundred dollars for server rental, a little technical know-how, and you can start doing business in a day.

In fact, that’s what the plethora of startup hosts are trying to do on the current market.

The problem is their glory is often short-lived, and you can wake up one morning without a website and no warnings or explanations whatsoever.

To avoid this risk and many more, we have selected the web hosts on this list after careful analysis of the following:

  • Speed — Whichever site-building tool you choose for your website, one of your primary goals is to make it run as fast as possible. After all, every second of load delay can result in an 11% decline in page views and up to 40% traffic drop.
    As is customary, all Hosting Tribunal speed tests cover several metrics from three different performance tools — GTMetrix, Pingdom, and WebPageTest. We have analyzed TTFB (time-to-first-byte), FCP (first content paint), full load speed, and more.
  • Uptime — Any reliable Singapore host knows how to keep its client accounts online, no matter what. This includes reliable data centers, constant monitoring, and effective redundancy policies.
    We created accounts with all reviewed hosts and set up the StatusCake scanning tool to perform checks every 15 minutes. For more reliable results, we have been monitoring the uptime statistics for a minimum of one month.
  • Features — Starting a new venture or growing an existing business can be quite burdensome. You have to think about speed, security, user navigation, optimizing processes — plenty of problems to make your head spin. All the best Singapore sites have one thing in common — a reliable hosting provider behind them.
    We have reviewed each host’s in-built and add-on features to see how sufficient their offers are long-term. The more freedom and options you have — the better.
    Especially if it fits your budget.
  • Support — Building your online business does not have to be a solo adventure, so your host must be able to back you with professional support. We are not just talking about reading from a script and answering limited sales questions — we searched for the fastest, kindest, and most knowledgeable only.
  • Price — Finding the cheapest hosting in Singapore does not necessarily mean you are getting the best deal. Quite the contrary — hidden fees, steep renewal rates, and low service quality are often associated with suspiciously low pricing.
    Our price analysis included both introductory and renewal rates, converted to Singapore dollars. We compared that with the range of features to determine the cost-effectiveness of each host.

We hope our checks will be useful when it comes to making a final decision but, just in case, here are a few things you can test for yourself.

Five Things to Check Before Buying from a Singapore Hosting Provider

Picking your hosting provider in Singapore is quite similar to the process in other emerging markets. Once you determine if a local or global host would be your best bet, you can shortlist some candidates and check the following:

1. Connectivity Speed

The connectivity speed measures how fast data travels between your device and the web server. As you can imagine, that directly affects your page load times. Connectivity comprises of two separate metrics — download and upload speed.

Download speed outline how fast information travels from the server to the user device. It affects things like viewing a website, receiving an email, or downloading an app.

Upload speed relates to the data rate from the user device to the server machine. It can influence anything from uploading site changes to sending an email or sharing a file.

The good news is you don’t have to be a client to get an idea of those. You can ask your host for a speed test file to do a quick check. Any reputable provider of email and web hosting in Singapore should keep one on every server location for this particular reason.

2. Sales Assistance

The first line of support can often be the make-or-break factor in a hosting deal. Regardless of the user’s level of knowledge or experience, the provider needs to ensure they get as much extra help as they need. To what extent depends solely on the host:

  • account questions
  • first-level technical assistance
  • billing and refund queries
  • account ownership arguments

Usually, hosting companies refrain from giving too much (if any) technical assistance over live chat, but you can still get an idea of their overall support level.

Simply contact them on whichever channel you find most convenient (chat, phone, email) and test the waters with some sales questions. While you probably won’t get much in terms of their know-how, you can easily determine if the operators are fast, polite, constantly pushing links, etc.

3. Pricing Structure

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

There are plenty of those in the hosting industry.

70% off.

Get two months free.

No-cost add-ons.

You can have it all.

Dazzled by the sweet price tags, we often forget to look at the big picture.

In reality, you can find many extremely cheap Singapore hosting providers, but how many of them are budget-friendly in the long run?

When you search for a new host, make sure to check the fine print in its promotional deals.

Are there any conditions to secure the promo rate?

How long is it good for?

What prices should you expect come renewal?

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Budgeting is not a day-to-day task, so you should have a clear idea of what you’re getting into.

4. Data Center Locations

Server location is one of those factors that can further reduce your page load times.


The logic is simple.

The closest your server is to the user trying to open your page — the quicker your data transfer connection. After all, there is less distance to travel, right?

That’s why, if most of your visitors come from the Asia-Pacific region, it makes a lot of sense to look for web hosting in Singapore or Indonesia or somewhere in the area.

Reliable global providers utilize multiple data center locations for worldwide coverage, so local companies are not your only choice here.

5. Online Reviews

What better way to learn more about a company than reading what its clients have to say?

Customer testimonials online have proven countless times that a business is only as good as its clients say it is.

Beware of underwater mines, though.

It’s not the host’s fault every time a customer is unhappy. But some people are determined to vent out their frustration regardless of the facts.

The solution? Again — look at the bigger picture.

Check out different sources and read enough reviews to get a general feel of the strong and weak points of your potential candidate.

If you like what you see — you are a go from there.

All of the above factors are essential for any hosting provider, but are there any specific benefits that make us choose local over global?

The Importance of a Good Web Hosting in Singapore

The mere fact that you probably searched for “SG web hosting” (not to be mistaken with the SG abbreviation in SiteGround) can mean one of two things:

a/ You reside in Singapore

b/ Your main audience resides in Singapore

Whichever of the two, a local company can be beneficial in many aspects. Think of:

  • perfect server location
  • local support operators
  • optimized speed performance
  • tailored solutions

In many ways, a local provider will be able to meet your hosting needs. It can work great if you have a project centered around the Asia-Pacific region or a growing business in Singapore.

It all depends on what you prioritize when searching for a host.


So? How do you like dem apples…well…reviews?

I know it’s a lot to take in, but I am sure everyone can find a bit of useful info they haven’t considered before.

The hosting market in Singapore is quite exciting, and local providers do their best to withstand the pressure of international giants. There are plenty of clients for everyone, but hosts will have to figure out a way to find more space to accommodate them first.

Maybe the time has come for underwater data centers?



How much does it cost to make a website in Singapore?

Even though operational costs like electricity and data center rentals are pretty high in Singapore, local hosting providers manage to maintain very affordable price rates.

Startups can find deals that go as low as S$3.99/mo or host a more resource-demanding project for about S$20-30.

Still, hosts in Singapore are not so generous when it comes to features and add-ons, which is definitely where more expensive international providers come in.

It all boils down to the extent of your needs (and budget).

Is Bluehost good for Singapore?

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most prominent global hosts, housing millions of websites from all over the world. You can rely on the company’s long-time experience and robust servers to launch and keep a project online.

But Bluehost is not such a great choice in Singapore for a number of reasons. For starters, being owned by EIG, the host’s only data center is in the US. Apart from the inconvenient location, the many subsidiaries of the international consortium also share the same support.

In short, Bluehost didn’t have enough to make it to our Top Hosts list.

What is the best web hosting in Singapore?

Pinpointing a single best provider of web hosting in Singapore is rather useless. With an industry so saturated, providers tend to cater to different client groups and experiment with their offers. For example:

Host A has a package with basic features for beginners at an amazingly low monthly rate.

Host B bets on high-end technology for maximized website performance…at a price.

Host C heavily focuses on WordPress and how to get the best out of the most popular CMS.

So which one is the best?

Depends if you ask the newbie, the business owner, or the WP user.