Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers

Raise your hand if you like gifts, giveaways, bonuses, and freebies in general.

I thought so.

I love them too.

Why wouldn’t we enjoy the goods someone decided so kindly to provide free of charge? At the very worst, if we don’t like them, we are still not in the red. Seems like an all-around great deal…

That is, if you are not putting something serious at stake like, say, your online business.

I am saying this because surprisingly (or not), there is a whole separate niche of no-fee hosts.

Free things, indeed, sound tempting but even the best free web hosting providers are far outmatched by their paid counterparts in terms of performance, features, and security. So, before you jump headfirst into this venture as soon as you’ve heard the “free” buzzword, take a moment to consider a few things:

How can one offer something so costly as web server and maintenance at no cost?

How can they guarantee up-to-par security?

What about all the personnel needed to ensure prompt and helpful support?

All these perks come at a cost for the hosting provider, so how can they afford to provide quality service for free?

That’s the thing — more often than not, they can’t.

They either rely on forcing ads on your page or nudging you to upgrade for better performance, which you might soon find to be the inevitable next step.

If you are looking to build a reputable business and make money online, I’d seriously advise against choosing a free host.

There are a ton of excellent premium providers out there, and you can secure a full-featured account for just a few bucks per month hassle-free. Click To Tweet

Still, if you are only looking for a testing environment, free hosting might be a solution. Whether you want to test a new script on your site or just to see what it’s like to actually run a site, free hosting can do the trick.

I decided to take a few punches for you and did my own research on the best free website hosting providers, their pros and cons…

Well…cons, mostly.

Consider this as a guidebook on how to avoid the many hidden landmines in the battlefield that is free hosting.


1. InfinityFree

Free SubdomainYes
SupportForums, KB
Speed454ms TTFB, 0.8s Onload
Limitations1 FTP acc, 30k inodes, 50k daily hits



Best free web hosts - Infinityfree home

InfinityFree is a relatively new name in the hosting game, but their services rightfully earned them a top rank in our list. Now, their website doesn’t say much about the company, which I always find somewhat suspicious. However, anonymity is rather common among free site hosting providers, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I found out their domain was registered back in 2015, and the company claim to host over 300,000 websites to date.

Sounds impressive, but let’s take a look under the hood.

Ease of Use

Signing up for InfinityFree was a breeze, and my welcome emails arrived in due course. The client area pleases the eye with a polished design and modern feel. Everything is self-explanatory, and I had no troubles navigating around.

InfinityFree makes use of VistaPanel, which is a re-skinned cPanel, except it’s more lightweight and a bit poorer feature-wise. Still, it contains all the needed tools and solutions on how to host a website for free — you’ve got the email settings, database manager, 1-click auto installer, all the works.


One of the first things you will notice with the InfinityFree accounts is the unlimited space and bandwidth promise. It doesn’t take an engineering degree to figure out how ridiculous that “deal” is. Every server resource has its limits, so how do you suppose your account will overcome that?

Just try to upload a 20GB video or forward a bit more traffic to your website, and you’ll see why you can’t spell unlimited without limit.

The good thing about InfinityFree is they make no effort to hide the actual resource caps. The control panel reveals relatively high limits for emails (10), databases (400), number of files (30,000), and number of daily hits (50,000).

To top it all off, InfinityFree is one of the few free hosts which include a Cloudflare CDN for all types of clients.

The only minor downside is you are only allowed to use a single FTP account, which makes it harder for more than one person to work on the project.


InfinityFree does not provide live chat support, but that is not so uncomommon among free web hosting providers. So, my good grades here are based purely on the usefulness of the other resources.

The forum community is incredibly helpful, and company members often address client issues quite promptly. The knowledge base offers about 70 well-written articles, which cover most of the common queries a starter might have.

Overall, the host makes sure you don’t feel left out just because you are not paying them a dime.


Best free web hosts - infinityfree speed test

I tested the performance of all free web hosting sites on this list with a fresh WordPress installation. InfinityFree proved to be one of the best in terms of speed with only 454ms TTFB (time to first byte) and 0.8s onload time.


I ‘m not a fan of technical mumbo-jumbo myself, so let me clear that up a little.

TTFB indicates the responsiveness of the web server or, simply put, the time it takes your website request to reach the server. Click To Tweet

So, you can have the most optimized page but still see it load slowly because of low server responsiveness.

The onload stat relates to the time it takes the server to load the full page, along with the images, CSS, and all site elements. Any clean installation with no fancy theme and plugins should have a very low load time, and InfinityFree was no exception.

The uptime stats were also flattering, with a 100% uptime over my initial 30-day test.


Despite some obvious marketing gimmicks, InfinityFree is a free web host that has a lot to offer. The performance tests were impressive, and the support level proved satisfactory. The host provides a free subdomain upon signup, so you can safely give them a shot if you don’t have a budget for a paid provider.

2. Freehostia

Free SubdomainNo
SupportTickets, Forums, FAQ
Speed337ms TTFB, 0.7s Onload
Limitations1 FTP acc, 50MB backups, 10MB db size


Best free web hosting - Freehostia home

I’d love to tell you all about Freehostia, their location, mission, and values, but there isn’t much you can find on the company page. The provider registered their domain back in 2005, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has been operating since then.

One thing I was able to confirm was that the company employs a single data center location, in Chicago.

Freehostia advertises no ads free web hosting on cloud servers, which is something very few hosts in the niche can offer.

Ease of Use

Freehostia does not offer a free domain upon signup, so I had to spend an extra couple of minutes registering a new one. That was just about the only thing that slowed down my registration.

It was smooth sailing afterward.

My new account was ready in a jiffy, and I instantly fell in love with the custom-built user area.

Best free web hosting - Freehostia cpanel

As you can see, Freehostia merged the hosting account with the control panel, so you can operate everything from a single page. Site building tools, account limits, ticket support — everything you need is but a couple of clicks away.


What I like about Freehostia is they are not afraid to set clear resource limits and let any potential customer know what they are getting into. None of that marketing sugarcoating and promises of unlimited riches.

The problem is the limits are quite low.

The 250MB web space is the lowest I have seen throughout my search for the best free website hosting provider. And it doesn’t stop there.

  • 50MB backup size limit.
  • 250MB mail storage.
  • 6GB bandwidth cap.

I know this is free hosting and not really suitable for a meaningful business project, but those limits can leave you with your hands tied even with a relatively small website.

Freehostia plans can accommodate up to 5 domains, but the catch is you are only allowed a single MySQL database. This means you can’t have 5 WordPress sites, for example. You can have only 1, and the other 4 should be custom-built or pre-built scripts that don’t need a database to function properly.

I have to note the support team was kind enough to explain how the upgrades work, and most came at a reasonable price (adding a new MySQL database, for example, was only $1/mo, prepaid yearly).

That's the thing, though — if you have to pay to add essential upgrades on a free host, aren't you better off with a fully-featured paid plan? Click To Tweet


Freehostia easily won my award for Best Support, hands down. The company went out of their way to make me feel like a paying customer. Not only did they include ticketing as a means of support, along with the official forums and knowledge base, but they did it efficiently as well!

I posted a ticket to their technicians with a few questions twice, and both times they responded within 15 minutes, with all the needed solutions inside.

Taking a quick look at the knowledge base confirmed Freehostia take great effort in making their clients feel well-supported.

Overall, an impressive experience.


Best free web hosting - Freehostia speed test

When it comes to the speed of your website, you can feel quite safe with Freehostia. My GTMetrix tests reported a 337ms TTFB and 0.7s onload time, which were some of the best scores out of all reviewed free hosting sites.

Uptime results were almost perfect as well, but a single few-minute downtime brought the score down to 99.85%.


Freehostia is a perfect choice if you are looking to house a small project with few growth prospects. As long as you keep a close eye on your limits and pick the right time to upgrade to a paid host – Hostinger and SiteGround come to mind for their ex you’ll be perfectly fine.

3. x10hosting

Free SubdomainYes
SpaceUnlimited (512MB?)
SupportForums, KB
Speed291ms TTFB, 0.7s Onload
Limitations3 FTP acc, 2 addon, 2 subdomains, 1 parked


Best free web hosting - x10hosting home

x10hosting has been around since 2004 and is one of the few providers that offer web hosting on 100% pure CloudSSD servers. The machines are powered by SingleHop, one of the big players in the data center industry.

With over 1,2 million websites under their belt, they clearly know what they’re doing – you can be sure of that.

One thing the x10 team might want to fix is the server status monitoring on their home page. When I tried checking it out, an “insecure connection” error slapped me in the face. I decided to proceed anyway, just to get hit with a “404 not found” page.

Ease of Use

I launched my new account in a couple of minutes and clicked a link to enter my user area and start my new hosting adventure.

What I saw left me speechless:

Best free web hosting - x10hosting user area

Never before have I seen a client area so…hmmm…minimalistic. This screenshot reveals literally everything in your account. No useful links, no account details, no stats, no nothing.

On the other hand:

I found the WordPress installation very user-friendly, and the in-built 1-click installer works like a charm. x10hosting offers free web hosting with cPanel, which is incredibly easy to operate.

A straightforward and pleasant experience overall.


Once again we see a company that advertises unlimited space as part of their free accounts. Yet, when you log in the cPanel, you can see a 512MB limit on space.

So which is it, x10hosting?

One thing looks clear enough, though — limitations.

You have:

  • 2 subdomains
  • 2 addon domains
  • 1 parked domain
  • 3 email accounts
  • 3 FTP accounts
  • 2 MySQL databases

That’s not a lot, not by a long shot, but at least you know what to expect.


x10hosting relies on community forum support and a knowledge base, but unlike InfinityFree, they don’t really seem active or well-maintained. Forum questions are often left unanswered, especially when it comes to downtimes or technical difficulties.

Company representatives check the forums, but they seem to respond mostly to space upgrade requests.

Likewise, the knowledge base is less than impressive, with only 26 articles and no fresh content added since the dawn of time.


Best free web hosting - x10hosting speed test

Despite all their faults and shady practices, no one can blame x10hosting of poor performance. Quite the contrary — their cloud servers proved they are blazing fast. The 291ms TTFB and 0.7s onload time were the best results among the hosts I researched. The uptime is not bad either.


If you are keen on performance stats and know what your web project needs — do check out x10hosting. Their limits are not particularly high, but it’s still more than enough to test the hosting waters before becoming a paid client.

If you do sign up for an account, though, make sure to log in at least once every 21 days otherwise, the host might close it due to inactivity.

4. Byet.Host

Free SubdomainYes
SupportForums, KB
Speed463ms TTFB, 0.9s Onload
Limitations1 FTP acc, 30k inodes, 50k daily hits


Best free web hosting - Byet.Host home

Byet.Host tout over a million websites under their belt, which is quite impressive (if true). There isn’t a lot you can find on their website apart from a link to a company called iFastNet. Information about them is also hard to come by.

Byet.Host bravely proclaim themselves to be “the fastest free web host in the world.

Well, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?

Ease of Use

Signing up with Byet did not take a lot of effort, and I even watched my account get created right in front of me. Neat.

Best free web hosting - Byet.Host account creation

You get a VistaPanel, equipped with the latest version of the Softaculous Autoinstaller, which makes Byet.Host an excellent choice if you are looking for a user-friendly free web hosting for WordPress.

Best free web hosting - Byet.Host VistaPanel

I tried the installation, and it took no more than a minute.

Talk about fast and easy!


Byet.Host is one of those unlimited-everything types of hosts, but I’ll try not to hold it against them.

Take inodes for example:

Basically, each file you put on your free web server, be it a photo, document, or video, is an inode. Your account limit for inodes is about 30,000.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we?

A fresh installation of WordPress includes between 3,000 and 4,000 files. That is over 10% of your account limit for inodes. And we are talking about a barebones install – no plugins, no nothing, just a handful of pages.

So, if you disregard the apparent false promises of no-limit hosting, you get quite a lot with Byet.Host. You can create up to 400 databases and add as many extra domains as you wish.


If you are just starting out and need extra help launching your project, Byet.Host will probably not be the best choice.

I can understand the lack of ticketing support for free clients, but they didn’t even make an effort to compile some helpful free resources in the form of FAQ, articles, and guides.

So all you have left is the community forum…

Or do you?

Even as an active client, I wasn’t able to either sign up or log in with my credentials. Judging by the stats at their forum page, they aren’t bustling with activity anyway, so you are pretty much on your own support-wise. Not exactly a walk in the park.


Best free web hosting - Byet.Host speed test

Byet.Host deserved a high place in the list due to their excellent performance tests. The full load time of my bare installation took less than a second and the TTFB was impressive as well, stopping the clock at 463ms.

The claims of being “the fastest free host in the world” might be a little exaggerated, but the numbers are still praiseworthy.

Uptime was perfect in the reviewed period, so no complaints there.


Byet.Host is a noteworthy mention in our list of best free web hosting providers because of their high limitations and performance stats. You can safely give them a go provided you don’t expect any additional support.

5. AwardSpace

Free SubdomainYes
SupportTickets, KB, Blog
Speed0.6s TTFB, 1.2s Onload
Limitations3 subdomains, 15MB file size limit


Best free web hosting - Awardspace homepage

AwardSpace started their journey in hosting way back in 2003. I was pleasantly surprised when I landed on their website, as it looked fresh and easy on the eye. Companies that have been around for a while tend to neglect this aspect, relying primarily on their established reputation, but that is certainly not the case with AwardSpace.

Company headquarters are in Germany, but their servers are in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ease of Use

Creating my AwardSpace account was a smooth and seamless experience. I’m sure you’ll find yours to be the same, even if it’s your first time with site building.

The control panel is not a typical cPanel or VistaPanel, more like a custom mix of user area and a range of management tools. Still, it’s straightforward enough, and all the options are there, so the differences are mainly visual.

Best free web hosting - Awardspace control panel



AwardSpace set clear limitations for their customers, and I appreciate the honesty.

The 1GB space and 5GB traffic should be enough for most small projects, though the traffic cap might benefit from a little increase.

The free subdomain upon signup is useful to get you started, and you can add three more from the control panel.

Something to keep in mind, though:

Should you also intend to take advantage of email services, you are limited to a single account.


So how does the AwardSpace level of support rate compare to other free hosts?

Pretty well, actually.

The ticketing system and rich FAQ archive make up for the lack of community forums. I tried the support contacts myself and got satisfactory answers within 24 hours.

It looks like AwardSpace employs a third-party ticketing system. When I got a reply, I was а bit confused at first, since there was no indication where the email had come from. I am very suspicious about possible online scams, so it took me a while to figure out what was going on and who was the mail sender.

Other than that — grade A support.


Best free web hosting - Awardspace speed test

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the AwardSpace kingdom, and the uptime tests were less than flattering — the 98.54% score was among the lowest of all hosts I reviewed.

Speed tests proved more successful, and the first server response came at around 0.600ms.

The company has been around for a while, so presumably they understand the importance of fast and reliable servers.


Awardspace might not be the top free web hosting provider, but they’re certainly up there. An all-rounded host with more than 15 years of experience — what more can you ask for as a starter pack in web building?


Free SubdomainNo
SupportTickets, KB
Speed0.6s TTFB, 1.0s Onload
LimitationsNo subdomains or addon domains


Best free web hosting - home

Over a decade ago, there was a craze for keyworded domain names. If you were selling cars, you just HAD to have “car” in your website URL. If you wanted to lure customers with a promise for cheap jewelry, then would’ve been your best bet.

The idea was the name of your website to be as close as it possibly can to the users’ search intent. sounds exactly like a spawn from that era.

The host prefers to keep its cards secret, but their website indicates the involvement of another company called Interweb, based in the Czech Republic.

Ease of Use

I was not able to sign up with a free subdomain with, but thankfully I had a few spare ones.

With my account functional in less than two minutes, I started fiddling with my user area. I had no negative remarks about the design or UX. You can see for yourself:

Best free web hosting - my account

You get a state-of-the-art cPanel, and the one-click installer inside will help you get a site going in a matter of minutes.


The 10GB space cap of is excellent, but you will soon find you are limited to hosting a single website. Subdomains and addon domains are not available with the free plan.

10GB for a single site — talk about overkill!

At least there are no limits in terms of FTP accounts, so you can give access to multiple people to help you with the project development…

Support are among the few free FTP hosting providers that offer ticketing support. I duly had a go at it and had a response within a few hours. The answer wasn’t that great, as they skipped one of my questions, but at least you can count on their prompt assistance.

I dug deep into the pool of knowledge base articles, but it was a pretty shallow pool, to say the least — only 20 short articles on very basic queries.


Best free web hosting - speed test

The speed results for fall somewhere in the middle — not too bad, but not that great either. The time to first byte is decent, at 0.6s, which helped my site’s total load time fit within the one second mark.

Nothing bad to say about the uptime, as my website was constantly online during the first month of testing.


If you want to have a go at hosting for the first time and don’t plan to create multiple websites — is a perfectly safe choice. Remember to bring your own domain, as you are not getting any for free.

7. 5GBfree

Free SubdomainYes
SupportForums, FAQ
Speed0.6s TTFB, 1.5s Onload
Limitations1 FTP acc, no addon and parked domains


Best free web hosting - 5gbfree home

(Un)surprisingly, you can’t find much about the people behind 5GBfree apart from the fact that the company operates since 2011. The information is so scarce you will struggle even to find their Terms.

Do you want to know how I did it?

  • Googled “5gbfree terms”
  • Found an empty FAQ article with a single link inside
  • Followed the link, which directed me back to the website

Shady behavior, to say the least.

The company promotes free PHP hosting, while also supporting MySQL and Curl.

Ease of Use

My first hiccup with 5GBfree came right after I tried logging in my newly created account. Clicked on the link from my welcome email and BAM!

Best free web hosting - 5gbfree connection warning

Those security warnings were popping up all around the user area and cPanel, which is an alarming sign indicating poor security.

My journey was off to a rocky start…


If you are looking for the right balance between space and bandwidth, 5GBfree is probably your best bet. 5GB web space (hence the name) and 20GB monthly traffic are numbers that can put even some paid hosts to shame.

You can dedicate this abundance to a single web project only, but at least it will have plenty of room to grow.


Ok, time to head to the support section.

What do we see there? Forum support and FAQs. Ok, sounds decent enough.

Let’s click on the FAQ link.

Uh-oh! Not Found. Hmmmm. Maybe the forum will be more helpful.

Questions are responded to in a matter of days sometimes. The answer? “We will look into it.”

I checked at least 7-8 threads, and the “solution” was the same every time. I wonder if they ever got to look into it.

Probably not.

In short, forget about support – 5GBfree have already done so.


Best free web hosting - 5gbfree speed test

The initial server response looks fast enough with 5GBfree, but something seriously slows down the process, and it takes a whole 1.5s for the full page load. It’s not such a bad score per se, but I am using the same bare WP installation on all hosts, and most of them seem to stack better results.

With 99.92% uptime I have no complaints in this departmentl


5GBfree is a decent host with clear limitations, which are set high enough. Consider them a suitable candidate if you are looking to host a single website and don’t need any email services.

8. 000webhost

Free SubdomainYes
SupportForums, KB
Speed1.4s TTFB, 1.6s Onload
Limitationsno email services


Best free web hosting - 000webhost home

When you google free website hosting, one of the first names that pop up is 000webhost. The company has been around for more than a decade, offering ad-free no-fee hosting services. 000webhost is a Hostinger subsidiary, which is a promising sign, considering the high-quality services and stellar reputation of the latter.

With over 18 million websites, 000webhost can put to shame even long-standing premium hosting providers.

Ease of Use

My first experience with 000webhost was positively jaw-dropping. As soon as I registered my account, a step-by-step wizard took the wheel, defined my website needs, and introduced me to the site builder. Everything was drag-and-drop, super intuitive, and the gallery had hundreds of stylish templates.

Best free web hosting - 000webhost signup

Best free web hosting - 000webhost templates

I had to pinch myself to see if I’m awake.

Such an effort from a free host is truly remarkable.

So what went wrong?


The next day I decided to log in my cPanel, but my credentials didn’t seem to work.

Alrightey, I might be doing something wrong. Let me just reset the password altogether and be done with it.

Cool, got my reset email fast, now to click on the link inside, loading…

…aaaaand now I’m redirected back to the login page. No reset option, previous credentials still don’t work.

In short, I was locked out of my control panel with no way to get back in.

That irritating experience aside, 000webhost advertises solid limits of 1GB web space and 10GB traffic, which is sufficient enough even for a more demanding project.


Forum and knowledge base support sound fine if done right. Let’s see if this is the case here.

The 000webhost online community portal is not exactly bustling with action, and I didn’t find more than a couple of helpful threads. Sure, company representatives seem present, but they mostly announce news/downtimes or confirm a client site is down because of some server problem.

The FAQ articles seemed to be more on-point, and the regularly maintained blog can prove to be a useful extra assistant.

I found the detailed WordPress guide a particular highlight, and novice bloggers should definitely check it out.


Best free web hosting - 000webhost speed test

You can read a lot of reviews about a 1-hour scheduled “sleep” time of the 000webhost servers every day, so I was prepared for the worst.

Surprisingly, I got a perfect uptime score during the whole month, so I presume that bizarre practice was dropped for good.

Speed results were at the other end of the spectrum. Much to my dismay, 000webhost had the lowest TTFB and onload scores with 1.4s and 1.6s respectively. We have already covered how essential speed is for any web project, so these numbers were quite discouraging.


I honestly expected 000webhost to make it higher in this list of best free website hosting providers. All the signs were there — long experience, modern outlook, and a plethora of useful tools.

The poor performance and inability to log back in proved to be too much of a burden for me, so I’d be careful when signing up for an account with them.

9. HyperPHP

Free SubdomainYes
SupportForums, KB
Speed0.8s TTFB, 1.0s Onload
Limitations1 FTP acc, 30k inodes, intrusive ads


Best free web hosting = HyperPHP home

My quest to find more info about HyperPHP turned out to be more confusing than a Spanish telenovela.

The About Us page was more of a promotion for their reseller hosting services.

The website states they are owned by GrandHost.

Their support email goes to a HostGator inbox.

Their offerings strongly resemble Byet.Host’s.

Alright, HyperPHP, I get it – you want your identity to remain hidden. Let’s hope your services are at such superhero level as well.

Ease of Use

Nothing much to note here. HyperPHP offers free website hosting and domain upon signup, and your account is created and fully functioning in a jiffy. Logging in and navigating through the user area wasn’t much of a hassle, and I quickly headed to the VistaPanel to start building my web page.

The control panel includes the Softaculous one-click installer, so my new WordPress page was up and running in a matter of minutes.


As I mentioned, HyperPHP closely follows Byet.Host’s all-unlimited model, so the devil is in the details here.

The 30k inode limit suggests you can’t build more than a few websites before you reach your cap. The lack of Terms of Service is also alarming, so you can be sure there is no point in disputes even if you feel you’ve been misled.


The knowledge base of HyperPHP leads straight to the Byet.Host forum (what a surprise, right?). Their Contact page goes as far as introducing the “super-trendy” AIM and ICQ as means of chatting with a company rep.

Wanna know the usernames?

youraimnamehere and youriocqhere.

Smooth move, HyperPHP, real smooth.


Best free web hosting - HyperPHP speed test

For a host that does their best to look shady, HyperPHP actually stacks well in terms of speed and uptime stats. The GTMetrix TTFB and onload scores were satisfying, and my WordPress site did not suffer a single instance of downtime in the reviewed period.


HyperPHP looks like one of the thousands of hosting clones that all link to the mothership that is the EIG consortium. They are often a risky deal, but if you are a low-demand client with basic requirements, there is not much you can lose. After all, it’s a free deal.

10. FreeWebhostingArea

Free SubdomainYes
Limitationsintrusive ads, no sitebuilder


Best free web hosting - FreeWebhostingArea home

Yes, that’s right — someone took a look at this page and decided it is good enough to bring clients in. Bright and contrasting colors, a bunch of links and text, 90s design, donation pleas…I didn’t even bother to scroll to the end of it.

FreeWebhostingArea proudly mark 2005 as their year of founding, but I am sure even back then this website looked out-of-date.

Ease of Use

FWA proved shocking right from the get-go. They were the only host to send me my account password clearly visible in the welcome email, which is like Christmas coming early for hackers.

The overall feel of the whole navigation was clunky at best, and the user area matched the outlook of the host’s website — barren and outdated.


One thing all free hosting providers I’ve reviewed so far had in common was some site builder or auto installer for popular CMS applications.

You can forget about that here.

FreeWebhostingArea limits you solely to FTP access, so I had to download WordPress externally, create my database, and upload the files manually to my control panel.

Scratch that. I never finished the upload. After it took me over eight hours to transfer just half the files, I was done trying.

If “user-friendly” is a thing, I think we should adopt “user-hostile” as a term as well, because this is exactly how my whole experience went.


After everything I’d seen, I expected the in-built ticketing system to also be a joke. Still, I couldn’t leave without trying, so I sent a few questions.

Few hours and I got a reply!

Sure, they only answered one of my three queries, but the mere fact their support team exists and responds rather promptly was enough to get me excited.

There was also supposed to be forum support, but guess where the link leads.

A blank page that simply says “Soon.”

Yeah, if by soon you mean 2030, then maybe…just maybe.


Regretfully, I didn’t have a site up and running to check how fast it would be, but I imagine something like this:

Best free web hosting - turtle

For what it’s worth, uptime seemed perfectly constant, so that’s a rare plus in the FreeWebhostingArea review file.


A solid bottom spot for FWA in the list of best free web hosting providers, and a well-deserved one as well. It seems the company strongly relies on loyal clients sticking to what they’re familiar with.

Kudos to them, but that’s not my cup of tea. Probably not yours, either.


The adventure of finding a reliable free web host can lead you through dangerous paths and force you to face all kinds of unexpected enemies.

I found it to be an eye-opening experience.

As I was so used to the most basic luxuries any paid host provided, I totally forgot they are not always a given.

At the end of the day, as long as you don't need anything more than a testing environment or house for a small, personal page, you are perfectly fine with a free host. Click To Tweet

Good luck in your ventures, and see you online!


Q: Can I get free web hosting?

A: There is a whole niche of free website hosts, and some have been around for more than a decade. Their business model often includes placing ads on your webpage or establishing resource limits that will convince you to upgrade to a paid plan.

Q: How can I host my website for free?

A: The process is similar to any other online purchase. You fill in your account details and follow the instructions from your welcome email. There are no contracts and no billing details involved whatsoever.

Q: Is WordPress hosting free?

A: WP is an open-source website builder, and you can operate with it absolutely free of charge. Any provider that supports PHP and MySQL (the core of WordPress) should be able to handle the requirements of the most popular CMS.

Q: What are the best free hosting sites?

A: Are you reading this article backwards? 🙂

You cheeky devil.

Now start from the top again and follow my list of best free web hosting providers to see which one suits you best.