The Top 11 Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers with Excellent Value

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Often managed WordPress hosting price tags can make anyone gulp nervously.

Getting a robust hosting platform that can handle thousands of visitors is all fine and dandy. In fact, it’s safe to say everyone wants to get there.


But not everyone can commit to enormous hosting expenses right off the bat. Hence, we tested the best and cheapest WordPress hosting providers out there.

Fortunately, some providers offer excellent WordPress hosting for under $5 per month. It’s just a matter of looking in the right place, namely Hosting Tribunal.

We hand-picked ones that have what it takes to handle WordPress sites from the domain registration to the dream of thousands of daily visits.

Here are the top contenders.

1. SiteGround

Disk Space10Gb
CPU300,000 script executions per month (can service way more than 5k visitors)

Coming from Bulgaria, SiteGround is probably the most-loved hosting provider. You don’t have to look further than Facebook to see just how much users adore it.

It’s tough to look up cheap WordPress hosting on Reddit without running into SiteGround in every thread. Even WordPress itself recommends it.

Here’s what you can expect if you go for its services.

SiteGround WordPress Optimization

Even though it sells cheap hosting, SiteGround offers more features than many expensive alternatives. Way more features, even.

First off, you get WordPress preinstalled. SiteGround’s Starter plugin helps set up basic features. This includes choosing a template and installing plugins like a contact form—useful stuff when you’re starting out.

You can also use a proprietary website migration plugin. This lets you migrate existing websites to SiteGround automatically. You might need to do some troubleshooting, but the support can help you with that.

Another useful feature is the automatic updates. SiteGround enables daily backups, so the auto-updater is reliable and safe. The feature is entirely optional, though, and you can update everything yourself if you prefer.

Since this is managed WordPress hosting, the infrastructure is fine-tuned to make WordPress run at peak performance. Still, that’s not the only performance booster. SiteGround also offers multiple levels of robust WordPress caching that cuts download times.

SiteGround adds even more awesome features with the higher-tier plans. You can unlock functions like even more speed optimization, a staging environment, Git for WordPress, and more.

The smallest plan has impressive features already. Getting the more advanced tools as your site grows, then, makes for a really jaw-dropping offer.

SiteGround Features

Of course, SiteGround didn’t climb to the top of our cheap WordPress hosting list with custom plugins alone. The provider has plenty of handy general-use features to boot.

The starter plan comes with quite a few impressive features like:

  • Free SSL
  • Daily backups
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Emailing tools
  • Managed firewall security

… and a bunch more.

You get everything you need to set up and grow a robust WordPress website.

All SiteGround plans run on a proprietary control panel. The panel has pretty much all the functions of cPanel and then some, including a much sleeker interface. It’s a decent tool, though not a gamechanger in itself.

The starter plan includes 10GB of SSD storage, which is quite enough for a single WordPress installation. The available resources should handle roughly 10,000 monthly visitors, which can take you quite far.

The plan starts at $3.95/month, making it relatively affordable. The WordPress hosting cost will jump up to $11.95/month on renewal, though. Still, the deal is more than fair for the features you get.

The larger plans let you host multiple websites. They also add advanced tools that help developers collaborate or let you resell hosting plans.

One thing to point out is you might find higher-tier plans somewhat limited if you are looking to host multiple sites. If you just want to run one site, though, SiteGround leaves you more than enough room to grow.

Keep in mind SiteGround gives you better deals if you sign up for a longer period – a year of hosting or more. Choosing to pay monthly for WordPress hosting also adds a setup fee. In short, only SiteGround’s year-long contract (or longer) provides good value.

SiteGround Support

The training SiteGround’s support goes through is probably the most outstanding thing about the provider. The agents, although already experienced with hosting, get up to six months of additional training before starting work.

The result is an unparalleled level of service. Each agent you contact is not only experienced with server management but an excellent communicator as well. Additionally, the agents often go above and beyond in troubleshooting or just providing advice.

If you’re just learning about WordPress and hosting in general, SiteGround has plenty of useful resources available. The knowledgebase is packed with WordPress guides, and customers can download a full ebook on optimizing WordPress.

SiteGround handles the support splendidly. It has one of the best services among cheap WordPress web hosting providers.


  • Excellent proprietary features
  • Robust plans
  • Highly scalable
  • Stellar support


  • Setup fee if you pay month-to-month
  • Somewhat pricy renewals


SiteGround is a superb and overall affordable WordPress hosting provider. It definitely takes WordPress hosting to the next level. Just keep in mind you should prepare for steeper prices once you have to renew your plan.

2. InterServer

Disk SpaceUnmetered

InterServer is an independent provider that prefers investing in the latest technologies rather than aggressive marketing. It also offers a rather cheap web hosting for WordPress.

Here’s what it brings to the table. 

InterServer WordPress Optimization

You can install WordPress with the 1-click installer. InterServer provides core WordPress and plugin updates, which saves you some time. You also get daily backups.

InterServer includes a sophisticated in-house security tool. It has its own malware database and uses machine learning to configure the firewall. The feature works with other platforms, but it does wonders for WordPress site security.

There are also advanced caching and other speed optimization tools to make your WordPress site lightning-fast.

InterServer provides a complimentary service called Inter-Insurance. If anything goes wrong with a website, the technical team goes in, finds the issue, resolves it, and brings the website back online—no matter what caused the problem.

InterServer will even fix any issues if you migrate a website to their servers, including malware removal. You will be certain to get help when you need it the most.

InterServer focuses on providing a fast and secure environment for WordPress. It’s an amazing hosting service, especially coming from one of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers out there.

InterServer Features

InterServer includes a ton of general features too. You can get cPanel, RAID-10 redundant storage, SSL, a $1.99 domain registration, Cloudflare CDN, cronjobs, and much more.

InterServer insists its plans have unlimited resources and doesn’t state the actual caps.

There is only one plan that is sort of a one-size-fits-all solution. The main page is a bit unclear about the pricing details, though.

It states the price is $5/month, but you can get an even better deal by getting more than a month of hosting. If you prepay for three years, the price goes down to $4/month.

This might not seem like the best deal, but the price is fixed. This means the pricing for WordPress hosting stays at $4/month once you renew. It makes the deal much more attractive.

InterServer also has a PriceLock guarantee. This ensures the price will stay the same for you forever. Even if you use the same account 30 years from now, you’ll pay $4/month—a courtesy few providers extend.

And awesome deals don’t stop there. If you’re a student, InterServer will award you with $54 of hosting credits—basically a year of free hosting.

There’s a lot to like about InterServer’s cheap WordPress web hosting. Not only do you get awesome features, but also one of the best long-term rates.

InterServer Support

InterServer provides excellent support to go with its offer. It has proper WordPress experts in the support team.

The agents go to great lengths to help with any issue. It’s reassuring to see a host that doesn’t stick by the “we do not provide this service” mantra.

One complaint is that the knowledge base is sort of slim and difficult to navigate. InterServer directs users to Google and YouTube for tutorials, which is hardly helpful.

Still, who needs tutorials with one of the best WordPress hosting support teams out there.


  • Cutting-edge tools
  • Fixed price for life
  • Free hosting for students
  • Above and beyond support


  • Doesn’t state resource limits
  • Clunky knowledgebase


InterServer runs impressive technologies and has extremely attractive long-term deals. It all amounts to excellent inexpensive WordPress hosting

3. DreamHost

Disk Space50Gb

DreamHost is among the oldest hosting companies, but its technologies are a far cry from old-fashioned. In fact, the provider is known for cutting-edge tech and its love of open-source.

It’s one of the recommended WordPress hosts, along with SiteGround and Bluehost. Of course, it has affordable plans to boot.

Here’s what they include.

DreamHost WordPress Optimization

DreamHost’s plans come with WordPress pre-installed. The servers are optimized for peak WordPress performance.

Once your account is set up, DreamHost will handle updating the core WordPress software as well as security patches. The managed updates make everything safer and easier.

DreamHost throws in its in-house WordPress website builder. Building a WordPress site is easy enough, but a few providers did develop technologies to make it even simpler. It is a useful tool and can simplify the setup stage. Plus, it shows a level of effort you rarely see with cheap hosting for WordPress.

DreamHost’s website builder lets you choose from over 200 website templates and add a few basic functions. Essentially, you can set up a functioning website in a matter of minutes.

You’ll likely want to customize your template and get a unique look. Here, a drag-and-drop editor makes setting up the design much easier than standard WordPress.

Once you set everything up, the website builder can help you spread the word about your site. The solution presents you with helpful SEO tips.

If you’re new to SEO, your best bet is to follow these. They help you get better SEO and receive more traffic from Google.

All in all, the website builder is an amazing all-in-one solution. It makes running a WordPress site much easier.

DreamHost’s low-cost WordPress hosting comes with useful tools.

DreamHost Features

DreamHost includes an array of other features to help website owners. You can take advantage of a free SSL, domain name with domain privacy, automated daily backups, and a bunch of developer features.

DreamHost also developed its own control panel. The solution is straightforward, but, unlike cPanel, it doesn’t allow file access. You’ll have to use an FTP client to do this, which can be inconvenient.

Email hosting costs $1.67/month. It is unfortunate if you want to run a custom email address, especially since most hosts throw in a small inbox for free.

Site migrations are $99, so DreamHost isn’t the cheapest WordPress hosting provider if you already have a website.

DreamHost maintains most of the resources are unlimited. The storage cap on the single shared plan is 50Gb, which is generous. DreamHost doesn’t really say what the other limits are.

It’s important to understand that unlimited plans are always regulated. If you start hogging all the server CPUs, DreamHost will transfer you to VPS. As long as you stay away from streaming videos, though, the shared plans should last you a long time.

Another thing to keep in mind is the price. DreamHost sells the single site plan for $2.59/month, provided you prepay for three years.

This might not seem like the best deal out there. However, DreamHost’s price is fixed. You can purchase three more years once your term is up, and WordPress hosting costs will stay $2.59/month.

Most hosts increase the price once you have to renew. If you look at long-term costs, this is one of the best deals you’ll find. 

It also offers a 97-day full money-back guarantee. This is over three times longer than the industry standard guarantee, making DreamHost the ideal choice for trying out WordPress.

You get impressive features and affordable WordPress hosting pricing that stays affordable even after you renew the plan.  

DreamHost Support

DreamHost’s support team is astonishingly fast and knowledgeable. You can get expert help round-the-clock.

The knowledgebase is equally as impressive. It’s stacked with helpful WordPress guides. These cover everything—from the basics, like setting up a website, to more advanced topics, like modifying the .htaccess file.

All in all, DreamHost provides excellent support to its users.


  • Awesome WordPress site builder
  • Solid features
  • Static price
  • Excellent support


  • Expensive migrations
  • Email inboxes are paid


DreamHost has some of the best cheap WordPress hosting in 2020. There are cases when it’s not ideal—for example if you need a website migration. Otherwise, it’s a superb provider with affordable fixed pricing. 

4. AccuWeb Hosting

Disk Space10Gb

AccuWeb is an independent provider with a hell of a reputation. It offers various flavors of hosting, including WordPress plans.

Here’s why it’s one of the best cheap WordPress hosting companies.

AccuWeb WordPress Optimization

AccuWeb preinstalls WordPress and enables auto-updates. The hosting environment features robust account isolation, and the servers are optimized for WordPress.

You can also get a few plugins like Yoast SEO and Hyper Cache preinstalled. These are free, but they are generally useful solutions, so it’s a helpful feature.

You also get automatic backups for WordPress.

You can enjoy many security features, including a hardware firewall, a web application firewall, and a bunch of security tweaks. The fully managed service also means you get frequent malware scans.

More technical users can use WP-CLI, Git, and staging environment.

AccuWeb presents some standard features as unique benefits, however. For instance, it states it supports all WordPress plugins while other hosts don’t disclose this information.

Supporting all plugins is a given, though, even for the cheapest WordPress web hosting providers. Unless a plugin is banned for a specific reason, you’d expect all of them to work. Custom plugins may be an exception here, but that’s more of a special case.

Still, AccuWeb includes all the features you’d expect from a professional WordPress hosting provider.

AccuWeb Features

All AccuWeb WordPress hosting plans come with SSL, a domain name, emailing, CDN, and a bunch more features.

The provider has six data centers across five continents, so you can take advantage of wide coverage. If you need the cheapest web hosting for WordPress in regions most hosts don’t cover—like Australia or South Africa—AccuWeb is an excellent option.

The starter plan comes with 10Gb of SSD storage, 500Gb bandwidth, 1Gb RAM, and has a suggested limit of 30,000 monthly visitors.

The numbers are reasonable. You might not be able to achieve 30,000 visitors, though. It depends on your average page size and traffic spikes.

The hosting costs $3.49/month with a three-year commitment, which is fair. The pricing is fixed, so you can take advantage of attractive long-term deals.

It’s also worth noting AccuWeb offers free WordPress hosting from its Montreal datacenter. Although the plans are more robust than average free hosting, they are fairly limited. AccuWeb also asks users for reviews to keep their free hosting going, which is a bit of dubious practice. The free hosting is not half-bad if you want to do some testing, though.

Bottom line—AccuWeb is one of the cheapest WordPress hosts. It also has decent features and a broad choice of data centers, making it an awesome choice.

AccuWeb Support

AccuWeb guarantees a one-hour response time for email ticketing. The support gets back to you quickly through all channels—you’ll get your answer much faster. Having a guarantee is always reassuring, though.

The agents are eager to help and knowledgeable about WordPress. They’ll pretty much help with anything short of building your WordPress site for you.

The knowledgebase is packed with guides and video tutorials on WordPress. If you’re more of a DIYer, it makes for an excellent reference point.

AccuWeb’s support is commendable.


  • Decent offer
  • Fixed price
  • Excellent support
  • Broad choice of datacenters


  • Few unique features
  • Questionable sales tricks


There’s a lot to like about AccuWeb, even though not everyone may agree with its marketing strategy. The provider has excellent cheap WordPress web hosting, especially if you target an international audience.

5. eUKhost

Disk Space5Gb
Price£3.33($4.27)/month + VAT

eUKhost is an established hosting provider and one of the few UK providers GoDaddy couldn’t acquire. It runs a range of plans, including shared WordPress hosting.

Here’s what it has to offer.

eUKhost WordPress Optimization

eUKhost offers a bunch of features here.

To start off, you can deploy WordPress instantly. 

The environment is optimized for peak WordPress performance, and various caching tools only make it faster. Even the cheapest WordPress hosting plan allows running multiple websites, so all performance upgrades are invaluable.

From there, you can use eUKhost’s in-house WordPress toolkit. You can easily manage multiple sites and update themes and plugins, all from one place.

The tool also lets you create a staging environment, clone your site, then sync the changes when you’re satisfied. You can easily switch to maintenance or debugging mode as well.

If you’re worried about losing data, you can take website snapshots in one click. eUKhost does enable daily backups, so you’ll only have to take snapshots when you’re making serious changes.

The toolkit also works as a security optimization and monitoring tool. It continuously scans websites and warns you about security vulnerabilities.

eUKhost adds a feature that automatically optimizes website security. The feature has its flaws, but it does the job if you’re unfamiliar with the best security practices.

Those are the key features of eUKhost’s affordable WordPress hosting package. It covers everything—from the basics to a few advanced, and robust, tools.

eUKhost Features

eUKhost’s WordPress Toolkit covers many important hosting aspects, like speed optimization and security. Which means there’s little to talk about here. Still, you do get a couple of useful features like a free SSL, domain registration, cronjobs, and email with a spam filter.

The starter plan costs £3.33($4.27)/month + VAT. The price stays the same if you prepay for a longer period.

However, getting a year of hosting lets you register one domain for free. The price is also fixed, so this is an awesome long-term deal if you need cheap WordPress hosting in the UK.

Most of the resources are unmetered, and eUKhost doesn’t specify the precise limits.

The starter plan comes with 5Gb of SSD storage. This is hardly generous, but it should be fine for most users starting out. It can be fairly limiting for some sites, though, especially image-heavy ones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that eUKhost only has datacenters in the UK. One of the other cheap WordPress hosting providers might be a better fit if you are targeting an international audience.

eUKhost Support

If there’s one consistent thing about UK-based providers, it’s reliable support. eUKhost is no exception.

The support team is available round-the-clock to provide outstanding assistance with all WordPress-related issues. The wait times do go up to a couple of minutes if the support is swamped, but the wait times are generally short.

The provider also maintains a respectable knowledgebase. You’ll find useful articles on a variety of topics concerning WordPress.

Like you’d expect from a UK host, the support is brilliant.


  • Excellent features
  • Fixed price
  • Decent support


  • No servers outside the UK
  • Somewhat low storage cap on the starter plan


With an array of top-of-the-line features and remarkable support, eUKhost has the best cheap WordPress hosting in the UK. Just keep in mind you might need to upgrade your plan sooner if you are adding a lot of content.

6. A2 Hosting

Disk SpaceUnmetered
CPU1 Core @ 2.1GHz (40% allowed daily usage)


A2 Hosting is an independent provider that invests in cutting-edge services and, most of all, faster speeds. The provider supports quite a few technologies, and WordPress is one of them.

Let’s see if it’s the cheap WordPress hosting provider you’re looking for.

A2 Hosting WordPress Optimization

A2 automatically preinstalls WordPress on your shared account and provides automatic updates. The servers are optimized to give the best WordPress hosting performance.

You can get LiteSpeed Cache preinstalled, which gives you an extra speed boost. This is a free plugin, but A2 optimizes its plans to work with it more efficiently.

You can also get DDoS protection for WordPress. Most of the security suite features are similar to the one you get with general hosting. One difference is that you get a unique WordPress login URL and ReCaptcha set up automatically.

Finally, you get a few advanced features like WP-CLI and website staging, which can come in handy.

One thing to note is that A2 gives you login credentials as you’re purchasing an account. It will not email you the password—you’ll have to reset it manually if you get distracted while purchasing your cheap hosting for WordPress.

Security-wise, it’s a smart move. It would cause fewer problems if A2 Hosting made it more obvious, though. 

Other than that, A2’s offer is decent.

A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting has a rather long list of standard features as well. Its customers enjoy:

  • cPanel
  • Free SSL
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Email features
  • Tight security
  • Lots of speed optimization
  • Ad Credits

… and a lot more.

Unfortunately, server-rewind backups are only available with the second-tier plan. You’ll have to set up backups manually with the starter one.

The cheapest WordPress web hosting plan leaves most resources unlimited but does cap CPU and RAM availability. You can use 512Mb RAM, but the CPU is a bit tricky.

You can access 2.1GHz of processing power at any given time. However, you are capped at 40% of maximum CPU usage per day. This is about enough, relative to RAM allocation, and the burstable CPU makes A2 great at handling traffic spikes.

The larger plans raise the caps significantly. You can grow your site extensively on just the shared plans.

The smallest plan starts at $2.94/month and renews at $5.99/month, which is fair.

Considering the features and resources, A2 offers some of the best cheap hosting for WordPress you can find.

A2 Hosting Support

A2 runs an amazing expert support team.

The support is always quick to respond, and it can help you with all kinds of WordPress-related issues. The agents do an awesome job of resolving any issues that might come up.

The knowledge base has a plethora of useful videos about managing your WordPress site. Many hosts out there cover complex issues but skip relative fundamentals like setting up a staging environment. Luckily, A2 Hosting covers everything you need to know.

A2 provides an overall excellent service.


  • Awesome features
  • Lots of speed optimization and security
  • Top-notch support
  • Fair pricing


  • Some features exclusive to higher-tier plans


A2 Hosting is an all-round excellent performer. You can get access to well-made custom tools, tons of useful features, and excellent support, all at a reasonable price. It is definitely one of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers.

7. Bluehost

Disk Space50Gb

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting providers out there. It makes significant investments into open source, and the company is pretty much built on such technologies.

It’s the third provider recommended by WordPress and offers a bunch of features that make the platform even more powerful and easy to use. Here’s what they are.

Bluehost WordPress Optimization

WordPress comes preinstalled.

And that’s not all—WordPress logins are automatically reconfigured, meaning no one can take advantage of the default login info before you’ve had time to change it. It really shows Bluehost takes care of the details.

From there, Bluehost handles WordPress updates and security patches. You can relax and focus on developing your website.

Bluehost helps you out here with a WordPress staging environment. You can make changes to your website in a separate area and only implement them when you’ve set everything up properly.

Once you want to scale up from shared plans, Bluehost also offers decent and cheap managed WordPress hosting.

Bluehost is a solid host that leaves you room to grow.

Bluehost Features

Two WordPress-optimized shared plans start under $5/month, with the single-site one starting at $2.75/month. The plans get you:

  • Free SSL
  • Domain name
  • CDN
  • Emailing with spam protection

Bluehost advertises SiteLock security and CodeGuard backups, but these are paid features. Another misleading selling point is the themes. The website states you can get 100+ themes with WordPress hosting, but these are just the free WordPress templates available to everyone.

You can purchase Bluehost’s SEO tools for a small monthly fee as well. You don’t need to get this if you’re just starting out, but it might be a handy addon down the road.

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting comes with $200 of free ad credits. You can access these by purchasing $25 worth of Google AdWords credits. It can help you get those first few visitors.

The single website plan lets you use 50Gb of storage, which is generous. Bluehost maintains the rest of the resources are unmetered.

As always, this is regulated, and the provider will ask you to upgrade once your site grows too demanding. ToS only state you should keep inodes under 200,000 and databases under 5GB, which is reasonable

The starter plan costs $2.75/month with a three-year subscription and goes up to $7.99/month after that. Bluehost doesn’t allow you to pay for WordPress hosting month-to-month at all. The shortest subscription length is one year. Many hosts incentivize clients to go for longer periods, but this is a bit odd.

Bluehost Support

Bluehost has excellent WordPress professionals in its support team. They are always available to provide expert assistance or advice.

The knowledgebase is nothing to scoff at either. Newcomers to WordPress can enjoy a bunch of guides that explain how to set everything up.

It’s reassuring to see Bluehost break the stereotype of EIG-owned brands skimping on the support.


  • Expert WordPress optimization
  • Handy freebies and addons
  • Awesome support


  • Unclear resource limits
  • Somewhat misleading marketing
  • No possibility of month-to-month payments


Bluehost offers many decent features and excellent support. It’s a respectable provider, despite not having the absolute cheapest WordPress hosting out there.

8. Hostinger

Disk Space10Gb
CPU1 Core

Hostinger is an impressive, rapidly expanding company. It runs the largest free hosting platform and also offers astonishingly cheap shared hosting plans.

One of its main selling points is that the plans are WordPress-ready. Let’s see how they handle everyone’s favorite CMS.

Hostinger WordPress Optimization

Hostinger lets you install WordPress in one click.

Like many hosts out there, it claims to have the ideal server environment for WordPress. Unlike many hosts, though, Hostinger might just be right.

I benchmarked the speed of numerous WordPress hosting providers, and Hostinger crushed the competition. The only providers that can compete are SiteGround and the $35+ per month managed hosting juggernauts. Outperforming many hosts with a much higher price tag for WordPress hosting really says a lot.

Other than impressive performance, Hostinger offers a few advanced tools. One is the automatic WP-CLI installation. Git is also integrated with WordPress.

Unfortunately, Hostinger offers few WordPress features beyond that. The server optimization is impressive, but a few more technologies would give it an edge over other inexpensive WordPress hosting providers.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger runs its in-house control panel, called hPanel. The solution is straightforward and does the job, but it creates a bit of a barrier when transferring to or from cPanel.

Hostinger also offers either a domain name or an SSL certificate with the cheapest plan. The provider runs these as a “limited-time” promotion, but one is pretty much always available.

Hostinger’s smallest plan starts at $0.80/month and gets you 10Gb of storage and 100Gb bandwidth. The plan is rather limited, but you do get a few important features like automated weekly backups.

The catch is that you need to prepay for four years to get the best price. Still, getting four years of hosting for only $38.40 is a hell of a deal. Hostinger offers the lowest monthly WordPress hosting price on the market.

And there’s even more to the offer. Cheap hosts tend to outrageously ramp up renewal prices. Hostinger’s starter plan, though, renews at just $2.15/month—which is ridiculously affordable.

And if you think that’s a great deal, Hostinger adds a few more discounts to the mix. For instance, you can get a 15% student discount. Granted, these aren’t available to everyone, but it’s a nice gesture on Hostinger’s part.

Hostinger is likely the cheapest WordPress host that retains a quality service.

That said, you’ll likely outgrow the smallest plan eventually. 

The good news is that Hostinger offers two more affordable plans, starting at $2.15/month and $3.45/month. These come packed with more goodies like daily backups, more RAM, and multisite support.

Hostinger specializes in lucrative deals, and it definitely excels at its job. The prices are jaw-droppingly low, and you can still get awesome value out of the plans. If you’re looking to reduce your WordPress hosting costs to a minimum, it doesn’t get much better than Hostinger.

Hostinger Support

Hostinger runs a respectable support team. The agents are knowledgeable and can resolve most WordPress-related issues easily.

That said, there is no phone support, and contacting the support through the website feels sort of clunky.

What looks like live chat actually lets you send an email ticket. Live chat is only accessible through some areas and breaks on some browsers.

The agents do a decent job, but the counter-intuitive interface can be annoying.


  • Blazing-fast
  • Unbelievably affordable
  • Decent support


  • Smaller plans are sort of bare-bones
  • Clunky support area


Hostinger is as affordable as WordPress hosting gets. The plans are rather limited, so you can’t exactly set up a robust online store. However, if you’re in the market for something low-end like low-cost blog hosting, Hostinger is for you.

9. NameCheap

Disk Space10Gb
CPU20% (Burstable to 100%)

Aside from being one of the top domain registrars, NameCheap is a rather impressive hosting provider. It’s hosting offer has expanded significantly over the last few years and now covers an imposing array of technologies.

The provider boasts its EasyWP plans are suitable for any WordPress user. Let’s see how much truth there is to that claim.

Namecheap WordPress Optimization

NameCheap’s WordPress hosting comes with WordPress and the EasyWP plugin preinstalled. The setup wizard also lets you quickly pick basic website features like a theme and a few plugins.

The EasyWP plugin is NameCheap’s multipurpose solution to simplify running a WordPress site.

For starters, the plugin displays all the useful website info in one place. You can see if any features that need an update. The core software is updated automatically, so you can focus on more important activities.

The plugin has a few other useful functions, like switching your site to maintenance mode. You can also easily run on-demand backups and site restores.

The plugin doubles as a caching solution that covers page, object, and database caching. This essentially removes the need to install and configure a caching plugin.

If you get a cheap WordPress website from Namecheap, EasyWP will make running it a breeze.

Although useful, the solution has its quirks. First, it lacks automatic backups. You’d have to set these up via a third-party plugin.

Second, and this is a minor one, NameCheap bans certain plugins. These are mostly caching plugins or ones that interfere with EeasWP’s performance. This is a common practice among managed WordPress hosts.

Namecheap Features

NameCheap runs its EasyWP plans on a cloud infrastructure rather than a standard server. This ensures much better account separation, resource integrity, and reliability than an average cheap WordPress web hosting solution.

Since you manage everything through NameCheap’s custom dashboard, there is no cPanel. The dashboard may lack a few advanced features, but you do get important ones like SFTP access.

You can also easily set up an SSL certificate from the dashboard.

The smallest plan starts you with 10GB SSD storage and resources suitable for about 50,000 monthly visitors. This can take you fairly far in and of itself.

The plans grow up to 100GB of storage and 200,000 visitors. You can scale your website fairly far without upgrading to VPS.

NameCheap’s WordPress hosting pricing is a bit convoluted on the website. Let me break it down and save you the trouble of opening the calculator app.

If you pay month-to-month, the starter plan is $1 for the first month and then $3.88 each month after the fact. This is relatively affordable, considering the features and the resources.

If you opt for annual payments, though, it goes down to about $1.90/month for the first year and $2.49/month afterward—which is a hefty discount. 

The catch is that NameCheap’s plans are meant for a single WordPress website. You can grow one site significantly, but there’s no multisite option. If you want to run multiple sites, you need to get multiple plans, which can be pricy.

NameCheap is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers if you want to grow a single, powerful website.

Namecheap Support

Unfortunately, NameCheap’s support leaves a lot to be desired.

The agents are fast enough at answering straightforward questions. It all goes downhill once you have a complicated issue, though. The agents seem more interested in pushing you to someone else than actually understanding your issue.

The good news is that you do get help eventually. Still, waiting to get bounced to an agent that can actually help you is just frustrating.

The knowledgebase is decent, but the overall support experience could be better.


  • Decent features
  • Easy to use
  • Great price for the resources


  • Pricy for multiple sites
  • Clumsy support


NameCheap provides an excellent platform for beginners that want to set up a robust and cheap WordPress website. The larger plans can easily handle even powerful websites with lots of visitors, so you can grow your website without pause.

10. 1&1 IONOS

Disk Space25Gb

1&1 is one of the oldest and largest hosting providers. Its data centers are home for over 12 million domains.

It has something of an unusual WordPress hosting pricing model, so I checked out its plans.

1&1 Ionos WordPress Optimization

1&1 preinstalls WordPress for you. You can use its setup wizard to install a few basic functions. The tool suggests a theme and a few plugins based on your needs. It essentially makes it easier to get started.

The environment is fine-tuned to make WordPress websites run faster. You also get automatic updates to the WordPress core and a few security features, DDoS protection included. This ensures no glaring security vulnerabilities.

That’s about it for the WordPress-specific tools, so let’s dig right into the plans.

1&1 Ionos Features

1&1 throws in a few goodies with all packages. These include SSL encryption, a domain name, and email accounts.

The starter plan comes with 25Gb SSD storage, space for two 1Gb MySQL databases, and 2GB RAM, which is hefty for a single-site solution.

You get the same starting price with all WordPress plans—$1/month. Since you get a free domain name, you can run a website for a year with just $12—making 1&1 incredibly affordable.

After the initial term, the starter plan goes up to $9/month. This is reasonable, but not the cheapest out there.

1&1 is the cheapest WordPress host if you’re looking for the smallest initial price, though. Many hosts charge over $12 for just a domain name. The offer is as good as getting free hosting for a year.

1&1 Ionos Support

1&1 runs a decent support team. The agents are easy to reach and eager to help.

That said, the provider does lack live chat support. Chat is usually the most convenient channel, so this is a significant gap in the service.

The knowledge base is easy to navigate and contains plenty of helpful WordPress articles. DIY users can get a lot of value out of it.  


  • Extremely affordable starting deals
  • Generous resource allocation
  • Decent support


  • Few features available
  • No live chat support


1&1’s offer is sort of a mixed bag. With a $12 start, domain name included, it’s an awesome way to get started with as low an investment as possible.

11. GreenGeeks

Disk SpaceUnmetered

GreenGeeks is a cutting-edge host in the frontier of green hosting. The provider offers an array of exciting plans, including low-cost WordPress hosting.

Here’s what to expect out of its offer.

GreenGeeks WordPress Optimization

For starters, GreenGeeks lets you set up WordPress with a 1-click Softaculous install.

You get automatic updates as well as security patches for any newly discovered vulnerabilities.

GreenGeeks boasts about its WordPress speeds. To its credit, it does have a well-optimized environment as well as a few useful technologies. As a result, it outperforms many other hosts, even more expensive ones.

GreenGeeks throws in a few advanced tools. You can use a WordPress staging environment, WP-CLI, and Git. These become increasingly useful as you learn your way around WordPress.

And that’s about it. GreenGeeks does offer some useful features. Still, many of the providers with some of the cheapest web hosting for WordPress offer much more. 

GreenGeeks Features

Fortunately, you can take advantage of a range of tools. You can get:

  • cPanel
  • WildCard SSL certificate
  • Email accounts
  • Nightly backups
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Near-impenetrable security
  • Excellent speed optimization technologies

… and a bunch of other handy tools.

GreenGeeks claims all the resources are unlimited. The terms of service state GreenGeeks can force you to upgrade your plan if you go over resource limits but doesn’t specify what the limits are.

This is a bit vague. Even though tracking features can help you optimize resource utilization, you can’t really know how close you are to the resource limit.

The smallest plan starts at $2.95/month, which is affordable, but you do need to commit for three years to get that price. After the first term, though, the price goes up to $9.95/month. Many hosts increase the price on renewal, but GreenGeeks’ WordPress hosting costs a bit too much for the features.

GreenGeeks Support

GreenGeeks does a decent job of training its support agents. The support team is fast, responsive, and eager to help. The agents even help with things you’d typically have to handle on your own.

The knowledgebase is sort of slim. You can get guides covering key topics like getting started with the WP-CLI, though. 

You probably won’t even need the guides with a support team of this caliber, though.


  • Decent features
  • Impressive performance
  • Superb support


  • Pricy renewals
  • Vague about resources
  • Few WordPress-specific tools


GreenGeeks is a cheap WordPress hosting provider with decent features. That said, the high renewal costs and lack of custom WordPress tools do take away from the overall service.

It is one of the hosts with the best cheap WordPress hosting in 2020. Still, the aforementioned disadvantages land it at the bottom of the list.

12. Methodology

Finding the best hosts takes time. Here’s the process that made sure I will pick the best hosts for most people and use cases.

  • Inspect offer—Hosting providers are different, so are their offers. I made sure the hosts in the reviews fit the bill—not just by offering cheap WordPress hosting, but also by being able to run WordPress smoothly in return.
  • Go through ToS—Hosting providers tend to put their best foot forward when presenting their offer. Unfortunately, this means you can rarely get the full picture by just browsing the website. I went through all the legal documentation to ensure you know what you’ll get.
  • Check reputation—This relates to the previous point. If a provider has a nasty reputation for mistreating its customers, it’s best to avoid it.
  • Sign up—There’s no substitute for first-hand experience. I got a plan with each provider in the running and set up a WordPress site of my own.
  • Test features—I tested the platforms for uptime and speed, as well as noted the efficiency and ease of use of the features. Not all hosts deliver on what they promise, so you can never be too thorough.
  • Contact the support—Support is one of the most important aspects of a hosting service. Yet, it’s practically impossible to test it without buying a hosting plan. I checked how efficiently the agents resolve WordPress-related issues.
  • Put it all together—I compiled all the data into comprehensive reports and picked the best cheap hosting for WordPress from there. You can read more about the top contenders above.

13. Is Cheap WordPress Hosting any Good?

The answer to most questions in hosting is—it depends. This one’s no exception. Let’s break down all the factors.

How Much Resources Do You Need?

The first thing to understand is that the price of hosting usually corresponds to the features. Even the cheapest WordPress hosting provider has to invest money into servers, software, and manpower. To justify the spending, providers have to charge more.

The bottom line—more powerful plans with advanced features and better support tend to be more expensive.

Server resources are usually the most significant factor here. Hardware is expensive, so getting more resources ultimately means paying more.

How much you need, in turn, depends on your website.

Demanding sites—think online stores selling dozens of products per day or sites with thousands of daily visitors—might be a bit too much for any cheap web hosting for WordPress.

Cheap WordPress web hosting is especially suitable for first-time website owners. The first few months of running a website are exciting, but you’ll generally spend them testing possibilities. Albeit fun, a small plan works just as well here as a massive one.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you already have an established brand or a social media following, you might need something more robust. This is because directing all your fans to the website might quickly exhaust the resources. This is more of a special case, though, so most first-time website owners will do just fine with a smaller plan.

Cheap vs. Expensive WordPress Hosts

If you’ve already done some digging, you might have noticed substantial pricing differences between providers. For instance, hosts like WP Engine or Kinsta, price their plans at seven or eight times the average price.

The question is whether these services are really that much better than cheaper providers.

In essence, yes, WP Engine outperforms most WordPress hosts out there. And, faster loading pages are proven to have substantially better conversion rates. That said, it won’t necessarily provide better value than one of the best cheap WordPress hosting companies, especially if you’re not turning a lot of profit already.

The first thing to understand is that these are high-end managed services. Basically, the provider takes over a lot of website management for you. This can be a great help if you want to fully commit to the content or if you’re running a bunch of websites and don’t have time to manage them all.

However, it’s not that much of a benefit if you’re just starting out. In fact, it can be even better to get used to managing a WordPress site yourself. You can learn a lot with a low-cost provider and switch to managed WordPress hosting when it would benefit you most.

Going to a provider that specializes in WordPress also means you get more WordPress-specific tools and better-optimized servers. Experienced users can leverage this to get the most out of their websites.

That said, the features aren’t really worth an additional $30/month for the average user. In the beginning, you can invest the money you’ve saved into a quality premium theme or plugin and get way better results.

Bottom Line

So, is cheap web hosting for WordPress any good? Yes. Some hosts out there are excellent even, while still maintaining a low entry price.

Inexpensive offers often even provide much better value for users without a ton of WordPress experience. There’s little reason to pay more for high-end hosting when you’re just starting out.

As your website grows, though, you should expect to move up the pricing tiers. This just means that your website is becoming successful, and you should see it as a welcome change.

If you’re just starting out, though, a small plan with an affordable WordPress hosting provider is likely your best option.

14. Wrap Up

That concludes the reviews of the best affordable WordPress hosts out there. You now know who the top names are, as well as when to go for affordable hosting. If any of the providers fit your needs, take it for a spin and see what it can do. 

15. FAQ

Q: Where can I host my WordPress site for free?

A: The most popular option is This is a SaaS version of WordPress operated by the creators of the software.

Just keep in mind the free plan is very limited, and upgrading is costly. This version is best used for testing or just trying out WordPress. If you want a cheap WordPress website, finding a budget-friendly provider can save you a lot of trouble, as well as money.

As an alternative, you can go with a free web hosting provider like 000webhost. This gives you more leeway in designing your website, but the server resources are still limited. You’ll likely need to upgrade to a paid plan once you start getting visitors.

Q: Can you create a WordPress site without hosting?

A: You can set up WordPress on your own computer. This takes a bit of know-how, since you need to set up PHP and MySQL, but it isn’t awfully complicated.

While this is fun, you should note it’s not really a viable option for getting a website online. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome with using your own machine—finding an inexpensive WordPress hosting company is usually more worthwhile.

If you’re interested in developing a WordPress site on a free platform, check out the previous section. Just keep in mind that free hosting tends to be extremely limited.

Q: Can you make money from WordPress?

A: You betcha!

WordPress offers a bunch of ways to earn money. You can run ads, sell premium website subscriptions, or even sell online courses.

WooCommerce is an exceptionally versatile plugin for WordPress. It lets you set up just about any type of online store and sell digital or physical products.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. You can easily get started with cheap hosting for WordPress and build your business from there.

Q: How do beginner blogs make money?

A: That’s a really general question. Many sources suggest selling courses, coaching, or ebooks. Still, you need to amass a following before you start thinking of monetizing your blog.

Running an affiliate scheme for products related to your niche is a nice way to earn a bit of extra cash each month. This can’t really replace full-time income early on, but it may cover the expenses of running the website.

Some bloggers also ask for donations to help support the website. You can collect these via a simple WordPress plugin, and it can earn you a few bucks each month.

Q: How much does it cost to host a WordPress site?

A: It really depends on the website. If you get high traffic or run something demanding like an online store, you can expect to pay a bit more.

Generally, though, decent low-cost WordPress hosting ends up costing just a few bucks a month.

Hostinger definitely has the best per-month deal. You can get a plan for just $0.80/month. This makes it incredibly affordable for the first term of hosting. The catch, however, is that you have to prepay for 4 years of hosting.

If you want the best long-term deal, DreamHost’s plans are $2.59/month with a three-year contract, and the price stays the same on renewal. It also has fairly robust features for a low-end host. It’s excellent for long-term projects.

If you’re interested in checking out the top options, you’re welcome to take a look at the best and cheapest WordPress hosting providers above. You’ll find a bunch of exciting offers under $5/month.