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GoDaddy Coupons and Active 2020 Promotions – Get Them Now!

Your site is only as good as your hosting.

Even if you build an amazing site, not many people will visit it if your server is often down or has a slow response rate.

That’s why, it is important that you pick a good host. Hosting Tribunal is here to help.

GoDaddy offer a range of solutions at reasonable prices.

And it gets better:

GoDaddy coupons make good deals even sweeter.

So which are the stand-out GoDaddy promotional offers?

Well, let’s find out.

1. Shared Hosting Discounts

The GoDaddy shared hosting is the most popular and affordable hosting service.

It allows new site owners and small businesses to set up an online presence quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Even without a discount, the price tag of shared hosting plans rarely exceeds $20/month.

However, thanks to a GoDaddy special offer, finding a nice home for your website has become even more affordable.

You can now host your site for only $1/mo for the first year. This special offer is available on the Economy plan for both Linux and Window hosting.

GoDaddy also have impressive rebates — between 20-27% — on Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum (Linux hosting only) plans for the first year.

GoDaddy Shared Coupon: GDD1hos (Economy plan)

2. Domain Discounts

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. With the help of its domain registration tool, you can look up and register a site name with just a few simple clicks.

While there are many GoDaddy discounts available on different extension types, there’s one bargain that catches one’s attention from the word go:

Get a .com domain for only $0.99 for the first year!

The .com extension is still the most popular extension. When most people think of a website, they automatically think .com.

That said, sometimes — for instance when www.yourcompany.com is taken — it’s better to go with a new domain extension, like .club, .online, .shop, and others.

GoDaddy makes it easier for you to experiment with your domain name by offering a mouthwatering discount of 30% or more on new domain extensions.

Keep in mind the renewal prices will vary — as all GoDaddy discounts on domain extensions are for the first year only.

GoDaddy Domain Coupon: GDD99com (a .com domain for $0.99 for the first year).

3. Managed WordPress Discounts

WordPress powers one-third of the internet. Given this, it’s no surprise that all top providers — including GoDaddy — provide hosting that’s specifically designed for WordPress.

This brings us to the all-important question:

Are there any GoDaddy promo offers for WordPress hosting?

You bet!

GoDaddy offers managed WordPress (basic plan) for only $1.00/mo for the first year.

In addition to the basic plan, GoDaddy has a Deluxe plan (for an SEO-optimized site), an Ultimate plan (for multiple sites), and Pro 5+ (for… well… more than 5 sites).

All these plans have various rebates as well — ranging from 25-35%.

Kindly note all these offers are valid for the first year only, so the renewal prices will be higher.

Here’s the GoDaddy coupon code for the basic plan:

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Coupon: GDD1mwp.

4. Discount on All New Products

GoDaddy also offer 30% off on the purchase of all new products, including domain names, website builder, web hosting, office 365, and so on.

However, you can’t combine this promo code with any other discounts or offers.

GoDaddy New Products Coupon: GDD30off

In addition to these coupons, GoDaddy have attractive discounts on several other products, like VPS server hosting and dedicated server hosting.

5. VPS Hosting Discounts

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting offers overall better performance, security, and stability. It is also more customizable.

Since all these goodies come at a price, a good discount can make or break the deal.

Luckily, GoDaddy offer attractive discounts on all its VPS hosting plans, making it easier for you to host your site.

GoDaddy provide both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Each has four plans — Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

You can expect a rebate of between 33% and 46% on Linux VPS hosting plans.

Windows VPS hosting plans, on the other hand, come with a discount of 25% to 43%.

6. Dedicated Server Discounts

Want a whole server for yourself?

Mind you, dedicated server hosting doesn’t come cheap — so a nice discount can be a deal breaker.

Which begs the question:

Are there any rebates on dedicated server hosting on GoDaddy?

The answer is Yes!

With GoDaddy, you can buy both Windows dedicated server hosting and Linux dedicated server hosting at discounted prices.

Each has four plans — Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

You can shave off up to 48% on the purchase of Linux dedicated server hosting and up to 44% on the purchase of Windows dedicated server hosting.

7. Redeeming Discounts

You don’t have to do much to redeem a GoDaddy coupon.

After you’ve selected the items, simply add the relevant promo code by completing the following steps:

  • Click on the “Have a promo code?” link just above the total amount
  • Enter the code
  • Click on the Apply button

8. Payment Methods

GoDaddy accept multiple payment methods. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Certain payment options, like net banking, are available in selected countries only. To find out more about other payment methods, check out this tutorial.

Wrapping Up

A little bit of research can help turn a good deal into a great one.

And in the case of GoDaddy, you don’t even have to do any research — as all available GoDaddy coupons are listed above.

Simply use one that gets you the maximum discount on your next order, and you’re all set!