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The Most Lucrative HostGator Coupons – the Best Deal of 2020

So you are looking for a home to accommodate your new web project?

Then, chances are, you are already well aware of HostGator and don’t really need me.

Alright then, I’ll be on my way…

(stops at the door, looking with wide and hopeful eyes)

Hostgator coupons - wide eyes

Well, since you insist, I’ll stay a while longer. 🙂

If you want to learn the ins and outs of Hostgator before choosing them as your new host, you might want to take a look at our extensive review first.

But here we’ll talk about Hostgator coupons and all the various deals we can secure with this hosting provider.

HG offers a full range of services for their clients (shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, reseller, domain registrations). What’s more, they are among the fairly affordable providers in the field.

So when you add an extra discount to a typically low price, the deal gets sweeter than a birthday cake.

Let’s see what HostGator have in store for us.

1. Shared Hosting Discounts

Shared hosting is the most popular and least demanding type of service, which makes it perfect for entry-level and small-scale projects. Click To Tweet

It’s also the most affordable one, and prices for a shared account rarely exceed $10/mo even without a discount.

HostGator have divided their shared services into three distinct plans — Baby (for starter projects), Hatchling (for growing websites), and Business (for…well…business). Regardless of the chosen package, you can secure a sweet 60% discount if you prepay for three years.

This means your rate can go as low as $2.75 for the Baby plan, for example.

The HostGator promo includes a 45-day money back guarantee, so you have enough time to get acquainted with the service.

The 1- and 2-year plans have various rebates as well, going between 25%-55%.

HostGator Shared Coupon: SHARED3660 (3-year Hatchling plan)

2. Domain Discounts

HostGator try to be a one-stop-shop for website building services, which means they duly provide domain registration along with their web hosting offerings.

The company website greets you with the HG domain registration tool. You can look up and register your site name in over 70 generic, country-level, and business-specific extensions.

There are various discounts on the different extension types, but one deal strikes you from the get-go:

20% off initial registration of .com .net .org, and .info domains.

The .com domains still firmly rule the registration statistics and continue to be the #1 choice, despite the influx of new extensions in recent years. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind that all domain name deals are valid for the initial billing period (be it 1, 2, or 3 years), so renewal prices may vary.

HostGator Domain Coupon: DOTCOMSUPERDEAL (20% off .com .net .org .info)

3. Cloud Hosting Discounts

Cloud services continue to grow in popularity, and the latest statistics reveal the industry might reach a value of $206.2 billion by the end of this year.

That must be one massive pile of cash!

It’s no surprise HostGator were quick to adopt this emerging tech and offer their own cloud services. Their three plans, like their hosting packages, bear the names Hatchling, Baby, and Business (a surprising halt to the gator references).

The HostGator coupons can bring the price down by the mouthwatering 45%.

Cloud services can get a little costly sometimes, so such a massive discount can significantly decrease your initial investments.

Again, this is for the longest, 3-year prepaid period, but shorter deals can also seе you get at least 25% off the monthly price.

HostGator Cloud Coupon: CLOUD3645 (3-year Hatchling plan)

4. Managed WordPress Discounts

WordPress is increasingly dominating the statistics for most popular web-building software. So it’s no surprise the hosting industry quickly adapted to accommodate the needs of bloggers and business owners worldwide.

The HostGator Managed WP services laud 2.5x faster speeds and advanced security on optimized cloud web servers.

But is there a deal to get us started without investing too much?

There sure is!

How about 55% off your initial payment?

You can get that with the 3-year Business plan.

Here is the code for you:

Hostgator Managed WP Coupon: SNAPPYW579

5. VPS Hosting Discounts

Virtual Private Servers (or VPS for short) are understandably a bit pricier than shared hosting accounts, so a good discount can make or break that deal. Click To Tweet

Luckily, HostGator takes that into account and offers a whopping 75% off for new VPS clients.

The deal is valid for a 3-year period on their Snappy2000 plan. Those are the tier 1 virtual servers, in case you were wondering.

The one and two-year billing plans come with hefty HostGator discounts as well, bringing down the total by 50% and 62.5% respectively.

You can expect similar price deductions on tier 2 and 3 VPS servers as well.

Hostgator VPS Coupon: SNAPPYV2 (3-year SNAPPY2000 plan)

6. Dedicated Server Discounts

A whole server just for you is a setup that doesn’t come cheap, so any price reduction can be crucial when choosing a new host.

The HostGator coupons for dedicated servers can be applied to every prepaid deal as follows:

  • 3 months with 3.5% off
  • 6 months with 10% off
  • 1 year with 31% off
  • 2 years with 38% off
  • 3 years with 60%off*

*the code actually grants 48% off when signing up.

This promo is valid for the most powerful machine, an 8 core/16 thread Intel-Xeon-D with 30GB RAM and 1TB SSD space. A monster of a web server, which usually comes at $289/mo.

In comparison, their Value servers come with a $189/mo price tag, but you can only shave 37% off even with the best discount.

HostGator Dedicated Coupon: SNAPPYD2 (3-year Enterprise plan)

7. Reseller Discounts

HostGator do not neglect their truster resellers. They get to bring down their total bill should they choose a longer contract. Mind you, the discount is not that much bigger with the 3-year deal, as it is with other hosting services.

The longest contract comes with 58% off, but even if you prepay for one year, you are still ensuring a 50% cut off the price.

You can start your own hosting business today without breaking the piggy bank.

HostGator Reseller Coupon: SNAPPYR192424 (3-year Silver plan)

Now that we have all our codes, it’s time to take advantage of them.

8. Redeeming Discounts

You don’t have to do much to redeem a HostGator coupon code. It’s a pretty simple process. Each service on the website comes with the deal pre-applied, and you can switch between the options from the drop-down menu during signup.

Hostgator coupons - redeem

As straightforward as it gets.

Still, should you need to apply the code manually, there is a separate field for it:

Hostgator coupons - manually redeem

Just copy/paste the code, hit “validate,” and you are good to go.

To make things even easier, all active Hostgator coupons can be found on this page.

9. Payment Methods

HostGator make an effort to support as many payment methods as possible. As cited from their knowledge base:

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires.

The company does not support cash payments.

You can follow the standard signup process to secure an account via credit card or PayPal. As far as the other payment methods, you can find additional details in this Hostgator tutorial.


So what have we learned today, folks?

That even the sweetest-looking deal can get sweeter with some additional digging.

And in the case of HG, you don’t have to do much digging — Snappy has your HostGator coupons right there for the taking!