• Free plan: No
  • Mobile apps: Android & iOS
  • Project tracking: Yes
  • Time tracking: Yes
  • Reporting: Basic
  • Automated workflows: Yes

Monday.com Review - What You Should Know

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your team’s communications, workflow, and workload management, look no further than the Monday project management software. Using a simple form of customizable spreadsheets, the collaboration software allows your virtual team to remain agile in their operations. Active tasks and progress metrics are available for each employee, leaving no room for mistakes in project governance.

Let’s dive into this Monday.com review to see how the project management cloud can help you organize and track your work.

  • Free plan: No
  • Mobile apps: Android & iOS
  • Project tracking: Yes
  • Time tracking: Yes
  • Reporting: Basic
  • Automated workflows: Yes
  • File sharing: Yes
  • Deployment: Cloud
  • Key features: Time tracking, project tracing, file sharing, workflow automation, dashboards, collaboration

Best For



  • Advanced collaboration features
  • High level of customization
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent customer support


  • No free version
  • The basic plan lacks important features









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There are quite a few project management apps out there, but Monday.com holds its position among the most popular solutions. Its highly collaborative project management tools keep everyone on the same page—third parties included.

With its customizable interface and visually represented scheduling, the software is perfect for quality management in any business field. Transparent and flexible work organization is at the core of its design.

In this Monday.com review, we at HostingTribunal will evaluate its analytics and reporting, collaboration features, security, and much more to help you decide whether this is the right choice for your business.

What Is Monday.com?

Previously known as DaPulse project management, Monday.com came into existence in 2012 and was launched two years later in the form of an independent startup. Soon it established itself as a strong project workforce management app aiming to transform team collaborations and establish a culture of transparency and accountability.

Monday software is a place for tracking and planning, but also for visualizing and brainstorming—equally important for decision-making managing. The platform is extremely adaptable, so it can cater to a wide variety of different business needs.

But this cloud-based app doesn’t strictly fit into a single category of project management solutions. As many Monday.com reviews testify, its greatest strength and primary purpose is team collaboration. While it can take on some complex and large projects, this software is best for day-to-day activities and ongoing work.

We’ll explain this further in the next sections of our 2021 Monday.com review.

Monday.com Features

Unlike other software solutions with a boring appearance and cluttered interface, Monday.com stands out with its appealing and highly visual layout. Let’s see what’s behind this user-friendly design and evaluate the main Monday tools.

Project Management

The cornerstone of Monday.com features is the utilization of boards. The platform uses Timeline (Monday’s version of Gantt charts), Kanban boards, and other templates. These are basically more advanced and better-designed spreadsheets.

With the help of Monday.com, team members can put a “Stuck,” “Working on It,” or the more satisfying “Done” label on each task.

Project Templates

Apart from the Timeline data visualization style, you can pick the Map layout if the tasks are closely related to geographical space (e.g., in the delivery industry).

For a more enhanced Monday task management experience, the platform also offers a Calendar to help with time management across projects. In fact, Monday provides more than 200 pre-made project templates, which will allow you to jump straight into the interesting parts of your work with a minimum of preparation time.


Next in our Monday app review, we will take a look at what the platform offers in terms of storage space.

Monday designed a special file attachment button for every task item. With it, you can store important documents, images, or spreadsheets and link them to their correspondent assignments rather than letting them linger indefinitely in a centralized space.

This will greatly benefit you in the tracking and management of work-related tasks.

Collaborative Tools

Monday’s project management offering is not limited to task management. It excels at managing the communication between employees as well.

You can effortlessly collaborate with your team via the comment and discussion rows from Monday’s boards (called “pulses”).

You can also attach and share files, tag teammates, receive notifications, add notes or even short Q&A sections, and directly message a colleague when needed.

Budget Dashboards

The Monday.com app is no stranger to cost control and budget management tools. Monday allows you to customize the Numbers column—a tool used to create budgeting boards, calculate expenses, hours worked on a project, and so on.

If you’re a Pro subscription member, you can use the Formula Column feature to improve your cost management and cost control capabilities, making automatic calculations across different columns. Quality financial analysis has never been easier!


Multiple Monday.com reviews praise this noteworthy feature. The software focuses heavily on “If this…, then that…” type of operations, which saves both managers and employees valuable time.

It allows the automation of actions, such as notifying a superior when a task is marked with “Done,” moving a task from one column to another, managing work dependencies, changing a project’s status, or defining recurring tasks.

Monday.com Time Tracking

Although essential for almost any serious business administration tool, Monday.com offers this service only with the Pro package or higher.

However, this feature is highly advantageous, so it’s worth investing in. It allows you to add a new column to the board dedicated only to time tracking, facilitating the management of ongoing work.

Monday CRM Tools

Monday.com also provides basic customer relationship management (CRM) features such as pipelines, lead generation, and prospecting tools, as well as integrations with third-party apps dedicated to sales endeavors.

Still, its native tools are not sufficiently advanced for businesses that are heavily focused on sales. Such companies would benefit more from specialized CRM software with project management functionalities.

Advanced Search

It’s time to move beyond Monday’s task manager features and take a closer look at the Advanced Search.

This unique option allows you to search through files, images, updates, and other assignments with no date limit. You can easily find your tasks for the week, check out what your colleagues are working on, find people from your company, and much more.


Even though Monday.com doesn’t offer analyses and reports as native tools, the multitude of dashboards and overviews provided by the platform is more than enough. You can obtain key insights into your teams’ performance, workloads, sales metrics, and other work parameters.

In fact, the Monday task management tools are excellent for forecasting various business-related and financial outcomes. They offer helpful data in the form of KPIs, met-or-missed deadlines, statuses, etc.

Thanks to Monday’s drag-and-drop dashboards and high customization capabilities, you can even embed graphs and charts into your team’s workspace. This can help you adjust your organizational behavior management and decision-making managing strategies.


The numerous Monday.com integrations help managers and employees work seamlessly and continuously on their projects. They can save you valuable time and resources, automating the import and export of data from one program to another.

Thanks to its integrations with apps like Google Drive or Dropbox, storing and sharing files between programs will no longer be a problem. Meanwhile, Pipedrive, Google Calendar, Jira, and MailChimp will enhance communication and customer relations, developing a more comprehensive Monday team management.

Monday.com Downsides

This section of our Monday project management review will discuss some potential shortcomings of the software. The list of drawbacks isn’t long, but they are not insignificant:

  • Monday.com lacks an invoicing service—the platform offers no possibility to plan and send invoices or to directly bill clients.
  • Some features are severely limited for low-tier plans—for example, the number of integrations, automated actions performed per time unit, storage space, number of members (users and added guests are taxed based on a 1/4 ratio), Monday.com time tracking, and activity log (available for only one week with the basic plan).
  • The Monday.com cost is relatively high compared to that of its competitors—the pricing policy is also pretty convoluted and potentially confusing. Prices are based on the number of users, not just the features provided.

Plans & Pricing

Before we dig deeper into the perks of paid packages, let’s explain Monday.com’s pricing and the infamous “per-user” taxation policy.

Monday’s fees vary according to the size of the organizations. You can pay for a minimum of three and a maximum of 200+ members. For more than 50 users, you need to contact the vendor to calculate the costs based on your needs.

Unfortunately, there’s no Monday.com free package.

But don’t discard the software just yet!

The company does offer a 14-day free trial, during which you can get familiarized with the platform and make an informed decision on whether or not to subscribe.

Monday’s plans are the following (for the sake of simplicity, we will consider the monthly price per user):

  • Basic plan: $10/seat/month (or $8/seat/month billed yearly)—this includes unlimited boards, Monday.com mobile app for iOS and Android, 5GB file storage limit, and one-week activity log limit.
  • Standard plan: $12/seat/month (or $10/seat/month billed yearly)—comes with all the features included in the Basic plan, 50GB file storage, unlimited activity log, four guest accounts, timeline view, advanced search, custom forms, and limited integrations access.
  • Pro plan: $20/seat/month (or $16/seat/month billed yearly)—it adds unlimited file storage, unlimited guest accounts, time tracking, chart views, formula columns, and private boards.
  • Enterprise: custom price—offers audit logs, advanced account permissions and roles, one-on-one training for the Monday desktop app, and a dedicated customer support manager.

Ease of Use

The ease of setup and navigation is another feather in Monday’s cap. Monday.com is an extremely simple project management software—straightforward to learn and use. The drag-and-drop methods and intuitive color-coding are extremely convenient and often praised in Monday.com reviews.

Whether we’re talking about the Monday.com mobile or web version, the onboarding process has a fairly steep learning curve—the platform is based on an “enhanced spreadsheet” layout—essentially Excel on steroids. But, compared to the Microsoft tool, Monday has a better and more intuitive design, more powerful automations, monitoring options, and workflow management capabilities.

Monday.com Support

Monday.com offers support via phone and email (you can write to the crew directly from the Contact page).

Alternatively, you can search for an answer to your question in the Monday.com tutorials, FAQs, webinars, community forums, or the extensive knowledge base, which we found particularly helpful. Once you’re in Monday’s system, you can access all resources by clicking on the little “Help” icon at the bottom-left part of the screen.

To check the quality of support ourselves, we contacted the support team via email and received a thorough and polite answer within a few hours.

It seems that Monday’s reps really know what they are doing and they are doing it fast—an opinion supported by numerous users in their Monday.com reviews.

Monday.com User Reviews

The Monday software sports a more-than-honorable 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot. Capterra gives it an even higher 4.6/5, averaged from 2,247 reviews. PCMag, renowned for its honesty and objectivity, offers a lower 3.5 rating and FinancesOnline rates it with 4.7/5, which is higher than most Monday.com competitors.

Feedback from users is extremely positive. For example, one Monday project management review described it as an all-in-one product, suitable for “anything you can think of to help your business and teams run smoother.”

On the other hand, a significant number of Monday.com complaints refer to the high price of the product. As one Monday.com review from Reddit outlined: “The price tag seems a bit steep considering what the tool is doing. Maybe there’s another tool that’s just as nice, at a better price point?”.

If you agree with this critique, check out our list of the best project management software to find an alternative.

Our Verdict

Our Monday.com review demonstrated that the software is an excellent solution for the virtual management of projects and teams. Focused on collaborative business operations, project scheduling, and risk assessment and management, the software’s simple and intuitive Kanban approach makes it extremely easy to use.

After carefully analyzing Monday’s pros and cons, we can confidently say that the platform is an optimal solution for a large range of industries and departments. This includes creative agencies, marketers, freelancers, professional services, and human resources teams.

In spite of the relatively high price and the lack of a free version, Monday is a great project and task management solution.

Monday.com Alternatives

To see how the cloud-based service stacks up against its competitors, we dedicated this section to Monday’s alternatives.

Monday.com vs Asana

One thing is for sure—Asana is more popular. But the two software excel in different areas.

While Monday.com is focused on collaborative management and the monitoring of ongoing work, Asana is renowned for its project management and planning functions.

Monday.com is more user-friendly and easier to set up, but it’s pricier than Asana.

Monday.com vs Trello

While Monday.com has its own very intuitive management style, Trello is a Kanban app that remains faithful to its nature when it comes to dashboards and data visualization.

Unlike Monday, Trello does offer a free plan, but it doesn’t provide phone support for members of the free package.

Also, Trello is better suited for small projects, as its interface clutters quickly as projects grow.

Monday.com vs BaseCamp

In this project management software comparison, BaseCamp stands out with its free plan and a larger number of integrations.

But one might think twice about choosing this alternative to Monday.com—it doesn’t have any budgeting tools, Timeline views, Kanban boards, or Agile methodologies, which means it provides fewer features than Monday.

Wrap Up

Monday.com app is a solid option for those who seek a simple yet comprehensive way of organizing and monitoring work activities and projects. Although it lacks an invoicing system and a free trial, it packs a useful variety of collaborative and productivity tools.

The Israel-based company has famous customers to back up its utility—Discovery Channel, Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and WiX are just a few examples. Will your company find itself among Monday’s customers?

We provided you with an in-depth evaluation of the tool in our Monday.com review, but the decision is entirely up to you!


Is Monday.com good?

Yes, Monday.com is a good and trustworthy project management provider. As our Monday.com review has shown, it is secure and an excellent collaboration and productivity tool.

What are the benefits of Monday.com?

Simply put, it lets you concentrate on the important aspects of the work while taking care of repetitive tasks and organizing your projects in a more comprehensive fashion. Monday stands out with its highly functional and diverse boards and excellent ease of use.

Is Monday.com secure?

Not only is it secure, but it boasts four ISO certifications and a HIPAA one with the Enterprise plan as well. It’s GDPR compliant, protected by PrivacyTeam and by Cloud Security Alliance, covering all AICPA Trust Services Principles and Criteria.

Is there a free version of Monday.com?

Monday.com doesn’t offer a free version of its plans. However, the platform does provide a 14-day free trial that you can access from Monday’s website.

How much does Monday.com cost?

The pricing starts from $8/user/month billed yearly. To get the cost of the most advanced plan, you need to contact the sales team. There is no free plan, but you can try the software for free for 14 days. For the full list of fees, check out our dedicated section in our Monday.com review above.


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