• Free: 5-Day free trial
  • Sites covered : 104
  • Time to remove: 2-8 weeks
  • First report: 30 days
$ 8.32 /month
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OneRep Review—Your One Stop Privacy Tool

OneRep is a leading data privacy service provider with a singular focus—democratizing data privacy. OneRep accomplishes this by automating the removal of unauthorized information listings from data brokers, people search sites, and other websites that give personal information.

OneRep Review—Your One Stop Privacy Tool
$ 8.32 /month
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  • Free: 5-Day free trial
  • Sites covered : 104
  • Time to remove: 2-8 weeks
  • First report: 30 days
  • Follow-up reporting : Yes
  • Automatic web monitoring: Yes
  • Key features: Ease of use, free trial, covers 104 sites, monitors new listings, regular alerts and updates

Best For



  • Monitors new listings
  • Regular alerts and updates
  • Removes data from 104 sites
  • Includes a personal privacy assistant


  • No OneRep app
  • Subscriptions renews automatically








Have you ever heard of synthetic identity fraud? It’s a form of identity theft where the perpetrators mix real and fake information to create a false identity.

How do they get the real information?

Well, people search sites (which have access to contact details, census data, court records, etc.) aren’t very secure. So, it’s become quite easy for data brokers, aggregator sites, marketing companies, and cyber-criminals to gain access to our personal information.

If you’re interested in decreasing your digital footprint and removing your sensitive information from the web, check out this OneRep review.

What Is OneRep?

It’s one of the top online privacy service providers on the market. It helps people maintain control over their personal information online.

OneRep uses automated privacy solutions instead of manual removal to effectively remove unauthorized data listings on data broker sites and aggregator sites, thus helping you manage your unwanted online presence.

Additionally, OneRep has free opt-out guides for most sites, which include detailed instructions on how to get your information off the internet.

OneRep Ease of Use

The platform is incredibly easy to use.

Since the OneRep removal process is automatic, you don’t have to do much besides setting it up.

Upon creating a profile, you just need to provide all the information you want to be removed from the Web—this includes everything from your identifying data (including contact details and stuff like your SSN and driver’s license number) to personal information that might be found in public records.

The dashboard on the OneRep website offers a convenient visualization of removal results, so that users can see exactly which websites have their information exposed and actively track the data removal process. Additionally, users can request reports whenever they want.

How OneRep Works

OneRep uses a simple, automated five-step process to remove your online information effectively:

  1. Scan – OneRep automatically scans 104 sites (e.g., Spokeo, WhitePages, TruthFinder, and InstantCheckmate) for your personal information.
  2. Display – It will then display all the records discovered on your personal dashboard. To see it, you need to log into your user account at onerep.com.
  3. Opt-Out – The OneRep system will work through automatic processes and submit opt-out requests such as sending emails, filling out forms, and making calls on your behalf.
  4. Verify – The system will then double-check and verify with each site that the removal request has been honored and your personal information has been removed.
  5. MonitorOneRep will now continue to scan for reappearing listings on people search sites.

What Information Does OneRep Remove?

Aside from purchasing behavior information and general data, like court and public records, OneRep removes:

  • Identifying data, such as name, date of birth, social security number, home address, phone number, email address, and driver’s license number.
  • Financial data, for example: annual income, credit score, credit card info, stocks and bonds, loans, mortgage, and insurance.
  • Demographic data, like age, occupation, marital status, etc.

What Sites Does OneRep Cover?

OneRep’s service currently covers 104 sites.

The list includes data brokers, aggregators, background check and people-search websites, such as BackgroundAlert, BeenVerified, Intelius, PeopleFinder, Spokeo, and TruthFinder.

What We Disliked

No company is perfect. Here’s what we don’t like about OneRep:

  • Your subscription renews automatically. If you wish to cancel it, you must provide a written notice saying that you don’t want to renew it 30 days before the subscription expires.
  • There’s no OneRep app, which makes it harder for you to submit removal requests on the go.

Plans & Pricing

OneRep offers a five-day free trial (though it’s important to note that it renews automatically unless you cancel), in case you want to try out their services before commiting to a plan.

The subscription options are:

Individual plan – It costs $14.95/month or, if you get an annual subscription, $99.95/year equalling $8.32/month (yes, that’s a 45% saving right there). For this price, OneRep offers you benefits like auto-monitoring for new sites, auto-opt-outs from 104 sites, monthly email reports, 24/7 email support, and access to a personal privacy assistant.

Family plan – This one also has a 45% discount for an annual subscription, so it costs $27.95/month or $179.95/year. It includes all the individual plan’s benefits, but protects up to six additional family members, instead of just one person.

Individual+ plan – This is meant for more complex cases. The unique plan goes for $229.95/month, and it includes everything in the individual plan plus removing info from more challenging sites that are not listed.

Additionally, the company is offering OneRep discounts through couponupto—you can get up to 65% off!


As part of your OneRep subscription, you will get 24/7 email support from a personal privacy assistant. They will answer any questions you might have and help you understand the ramifications of your data being processed. You can also contact them via telephone and live chat.

However, if client’s reviews for OneRep are anything to go by, customer support service is kind of a touchy subject. So, we decided to check it out for ourselves. 

We spoke to a specialist named Victoria to find out a little more about OneRep.

She was easy to get a hold of and was extremely helpful. She assured us that with OneRep, we would see results within the five-day trial.

In fact, although the entire data removal process takes 4-6 weeks to be completed, it takes OneRep just two weeks to remove 60% of the info.

OneRep User Reviews

We also looked through the internet to get a sense of how other customers feel about OneRep. Here’s what we found:

OneRep has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau. Seven complaints have been resolved during the last 12 months, most of which were about problems getting in touch with customer service representatives.

We also checked OneRep reviews on other platforms, like Reddit. One user in particular seemed suspicious of OneRep’s trustworthiness, claiming that they may be brokering their users’ info themselves.

Another reviewer, however, replied that they’re quite satisfied with OneRep’s service as they have seen their information continuously disappearing from the Web.

In fact, many customers seem to use their OneRep reviews to praise the company’s effectiveness in removing private information—which is, after all, what they’re paying them to do.

Is OneRep Worth It?

OneRep is one of the best companies to delete yourself from the internet.

It delivers customized online privacy protection and ongoing monitoring of your digital presence. It offers a combination of an automated service with personal attention, depending on your subscription and privacy needs.

Their approach to privacy protection, along with the detailed opt-out guides on how to remove yourself from the internet, is worth the investment—which, by the way, is relatively low, as OneRep’s cost is pretty affordable.

There has, admittedly, been chatter that giving a company (like OneRep) your personal data. Theoretically, they can remove it is just a means for them to sell it elsewhere. However, there’s no evidence to suggest that this is the case.

OneRep, in particular, has repeatedly assured customers that they don’t keep, store or share any private info.

Alternatives of OneRep

OneRep is undeniably one of the best online privacy services available, but as the industry continues to grow, so does the competition. As part of our OneRep review, we compared it to other companies’ services:

OneRep vs DeleteMe

DeleteMe’s individual plan costs $129/year and removes information from only 36 sites. Also, their family plan covers up to four people and costs $329/year (for comparison, OneRep’s family plan includes up to six people and costs $180/year).

This means that OneRep is the more affordable and comprehensive option out of the two. Particularly because a DeleteMe subscription doesn’t include 24/7 email support or the counsel of a personal privacy assistant.

OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

PrivacyDuck covers a more extensive list of websites (191, if you get the VIP service), while OneRep offers more flexible, affordable plans—PrivacyDuck’s Basic service costs $499/year, which is five times more expensive than OneRep’s annual individual subscription.

PrivacyDuck doesn’t offer a free trial nor a monthly subscription option. All of its plans (Starter, Basic, and VIP) cover only two people and a set list of sites to scour. 

However, PrivacyDuck has some unique offerings, such as the Google dead link removal and its hands-on approach to data removal. In other words, OneRep’s service is automated while PrivacyDuck has a team of dedicated experts who execute the opt-out procedures.

Our Verdict

OneRep has automated data removal processes and auto-monitoring services, which makes it efficient and effective.

As a user, you get regular updates through both the dashboard and monthly email reports. Plus, you get access to a personal privacy assistant who can answer all your questions and guide you on how to remove personal information from the internet and public data sources.

As we’ve highlighted throughout our OneRep review, all these benefits, along with opt-out guides on how to get your info off the internet, are wrapped up in very affordable plans with extensive coverage.

So, all in all, OneRep is a pretty good privacy protection service provider.


How long does it take for OneRep to work?

According to OneRep, the data removal process can take anywhere between two and eight weeks. The timeline depends on the kind of policy each data broker site has in place.

Some of the users who wrote a review for OneRep confirmed that they started seeing results very early in their subscription.

How much does OneRep cost?

The individual plan costs $14.95/month while the family plan is $27.95/month. There’s also an Individual+ plan for more complex cases that costs $229.95/month.

Is OneRep legit?

Yes, it is. OneRep was founded in 2015 with the intent of democratizing data privacy. It has a B- rating on BBB.


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