• Ease of use: Superb
  • Reliability: Medium
  • Mobile app: Android / iOS
  • Call recording: Yes
$ 10.39 /month
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Phone.com Review – What Can This Service Offer You?

Phone.com is a great business VoIP service that offers a lot without draining your wallet. With its simple interface, excellent functionalities, and flexible pricing structure, it’s suitable for nearly every organization. Join us as we examine all of its important features in this detailed Phone.com review!

Phone.com Review – What Can This Service Offer You?
$ 10.39 /month
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  • Ease of use: Superb
  • Reliability: Medium
  • Mobile app: Android / iOS
  • Call recording: Yes
  • Deployment: Cloud
  • Conference calling: Yes
  • Screen sharing: Yes
  • Analytics: Medium
  • Key features: Combo plans, ease of use, quick setup, great feature set

Best For



  • Easy setup
  • Solid feature set
  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple user interface


  • No trial version
  • Call recording costs extra








What Is Phone.com?

Phone.com is the best VoIP service for people looking for a reasonably priced solution with many business features. However, it can’t be used as a home VoIP phone service.

Phone.com Features

This phone system sure does offer a lot of features. In this review, we mainly focus on the ones that are available for all pricing plans.

Devices and Operating Systems

This business VoIP phone service is available on Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS. The latter can turn your smartphone into a Phone.com extension with its own conference bridge and much more.

Additionally, you get to choose how you’re making a call—by using Wi-Fi or mobile data.


The Phone.com phone service has a softphone. This means that you can use the desktop app to make and receive calls and messages.

Conference Calling

While we came across complaints that conference calling is available only for an additional monthly fee, these Phone.com phone system reviews are from a few years ago.

Audio, video, and web conferencing are now included in all Phone.com plans.

The only limitations are on the number of participants allowed.

You can find out more about that in the Pricing section of this Phone.com review.

Address Book

If you connect your contacts with your account, you can group them, sync them across your devices, and use them for call handling rules.

Additionally, you can make calls and send and receive both SMS and MMS making Phone.com a great VoIP phone service for business.


With the Phone.com application, you get an email with an audio file every time you receive a voicemail.

Call Forwarding

All pricing plans of this service come with a call routing feature.

You can create and customize the rules for call forwarding.


The queuing feature lets you set up a hierarchy for call answering.

In other words, you can choose a certain person to receive the call before others do.

Hold Music

With the Phone.com phone system, you can select a tune as your hold music.

There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, but you can’t pick your own music.

Auto Attendant

Phone.com also offers a computer-generated auto attendant.

It can do things like guide callers to a specific employee by issuing dial pad commands.


Phone.com allows you to upload and send files from your computer or the website very easily.

On top of that, you can view the faxes from your smartphone.

Call Recording

A common complaint in Phone.com reviews is that the call recording feature is available only with the most expensive plan.

You can add it to any other plans for $7.99 per month.

Generally, this functionality is well worth the price. It’s highly customizable and even lets you set your own rules for recording calls.

Call Monitoring

While there isn’t a Phone.com call monitoring tool per se, you can at least track the status of all phones in the system.

That way, you can check if your employees are in or receiving a call or have a call on hold.


This functionality garnishes a lot of praise from end-users in Phone.com reviews.

It allows you to create custom greetings and forward calls that vary according to the time of the day. For example, you can set up a custom after-hours voicemail.


Phone.com may have only six integrations, but they’re all well-thought-out, covering your basic business needs.

The service connects with AllProWebTools, Chrometa, Comm100, PieSync, Zoho, and Zapier. The latter opens the gates for thousands of other apps..


There are solid analytics tools for Pro plan users.

They help you detect the best hours and employees and display the information as graphs to make the performance analysis easier.


Phone.com is HIPAA and HITECH compliant, but the list of security measures doesn’t end there.

The service also relies on SSL encryption, as well as usernames and passwords for an additional layer of protection.

On top of that, it adheres to Payment Card Industry security standards.

Phone.com Pricing

This service has three very reasonably priced plans.

The interesting thing about this otherwise standard pricing is that you can choose different plans for your employees.

For example, you can have a few employees with the Pro plan and others with the Basic package. Unfortunately, the Phone.com service does not have a free trial version.


With the cheapest plan, you get 300 calling minutes and 1,000 messages. Video conferencing is available for 10 participants only, but the meeting duration is unlimited.

Best of all, unlike most other low-tier subscriptions, this one allows screen sharing.

The Basic Phone.com VoIP pricing plan costs $12.99/month, but that falls down to $10.39/month if you subscribe for a year.


This plan gives you unlimited calling minutes and messages.

The video conferencing limit goes up to 25 participants and the video footage becomes HIPAA compliant.

Just like the Basic plan, this one has nearly all voice features, save for call recording and analytics.

A monthly subscription will set you back $19.99. With an annual Phone.com contract, the price is just $15.99/month.


In addition to the aforementioned call analytics and recording features, this plan comes with a CRM integration.

You can also stream video live on YouTube and enable the HiFi video transcription.

The cost of this Phone.com plan is $29.99/month or $23.99/month with a yearly subscription.

Phone.com Support

As is often the case with business phone systems reviews, user opinions about the Phone.com support are mixed.

Still, the positive feedback is outweighing the negative.

While we had no issue with the Phone.com technical support, some people claim that agents weren’t helpful to them or that they didn’t even reply to their messages.

While Phone.com isn’t BBB accredited, it has resolved nearly all issues reported on that platform, leaving customers ultimately satisfied.

Too bad that Phone.com isn’t on Reddit to address user complaints there.

Ease of Use

The Phone.com setup process is surprisingly easy. You just have to install the device on your desktop or smartphone and choose a phone number and you’re good to go.

To facilitate the process even more, Phone.com offers pre-configured VoIP phones.

Despite having loads of features, its user interface is very simple and well-designed—an aspect that is often praised in Phone.com VoIP reviews.

Phone.com User Reviews

For the most part, Phone.com reviews are favorable.

Customers praise the quality-price ratio, customer support, and user-friendly interface. Indeed, when it comes to the Basic pricing plan, it’s hard to find a solution that offers so much for such a small fee.

The occasional Phone.com review on Reddit could go either way. One user describes the service as “evil” and “the worst,” while others recommend it for its affordability and ease of use.

Phone.com reviews on BBB are also scarce and mostly negative.  Most complaints are about the underwhelming support.

On the flip side, the staff is active there, addressing all reported issues.

Is Phone.com Worth It?

For this Phone.com review, we tested the solution through and through and we can confirm it’s a great internet phone service provider.

Its biggest advantage is the Basic pricing plan.

Apart from the few Phone.com complaints we mentioned above or the occasional glitches and crashes, the service is the best business VoIP service in this price range.

If you don’t need call recording and analytics, we highly recommend that you give the Basic plan a shot first.

It’s affordable and since there’s no trial version, it’s the perfect way to see whether this is the best business VoIP for your needs without breaking the bank.

Phone.com Alternatives

If you still aren’t sure about this service, perhaps seeing how it stacks up to its competitors will convince you (or help you find a provider that fits your company better).

Phone.com vs Nextiva

With different pricing plans and an award-winning support team, Nextiva sure is a worthy opponent. It’s considered to be the best VoIP service for business by many, but it’s much more expensive than Phone.com.

It all falls down to what you’re looking for in a VoIP provider. 

If you’re looking for the best residential VoIP provider, however, you might want to look elsewhere, as neither of these is for home use.

Phone.com vs RingCentral

Similarly to Nextiva, RingCentral is often deemed the best VoIP service of 2021. We’d also add that it’s the best residential VoIP service of 2021.

It’s better than Phone.com but even more expensive than Nextiva. If you’re looking for a multitude of features and cash is not an issue, you’ll probably be more satisfied with it.

Phone.com vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the best VoIP providers for small businesses. It doesn’t charge for each user, so it can even turn out to be cheaper than Phone.com under certain circumstances.

However, that’s pretty much its only advantage over Phone.com.

Grasshopper has fewer features and its lowest-tier plan is not that well-packed.


As we mentioned several times in this 2021 Phone.com review, the Basic plan is probably one of the best VoIP phone service deals that you can find.

This cheap VoIP service has nearly everything you would expect from it.

And the simple user interface and setup make it even more pleasant to use.


Is Phone.com safe to use?

Yes. It is HIPAA compliant and has multiple layers of encryption.

How much does Phone.com cost?

Its monthly subscription cost starts at $10.39/month and goes up to $29.99/month. For the full breakdown of its offer, see the pricing section of this Phone.com review.


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