• Free version: No
  • Jurisdiction: Panama
  • OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Mobile apps: Android & iOS
$ 1.67 /month
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VeePN Review - Power at a Reasonable Price

Numerous supported operating systems, 2,500+ servers in 50 locations, connecting more devices than any other VPN provider—VeePN sure seems like a solid service for home users. Keep on reading to see how it performs in a market filled to the brim with great VPNs.

VeePN Review - Power at a Reasonable Price
$ 1.67 /month
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  • Free version: No
  • Jurisdiction: Panama
  • OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Mobile apps: Android & iOS
  • Number of devices: 10
  • Zero-log policy: Yes
  • Protocols: Smart VeePN, OpenVPN, IKEv2
  • Torrenting: Yes
  • Streaming: HBO Now
  • DNS Leak protection: Yes
  • Long-term deas: The 5-year plan is a great value for money!

Best For



  • Can be used on up to 10 devices
  • Supports many different OSs
  • Very fast
  • Cheap five-year plan


  • Poor for streaming
  • Disappointing logging policy








If you ended up here, perhaps you’re looking for a cheap VPN solution or a service you haven’t tried before. VeePN is new in every sense of the word, as it hasn’t been on the market for that long.

Does that make it a formidable, attractive competitor to existing providers? Or does it just live in their shadow? That’s only one of the many things we at HostingTribunal will reveal in this in-depth VeePN review!

What Is VeePN?

VeePN is a fast VPN that supports different platforms and can be used on many devices simultaneously. This makes it perfect for casual users looking for a cheap long-term solution.

VeePN Features

At first glance, VeePN has numerous features, but how good are they? Let’s dive deeper and find out next in our VeePN review.

Cross-Platform VPN

VeePN supports a multitude of devices. There are VeePN macOS, Windows, and Linux versions. There’s a little something for the Android and iOS users too.

VeePN also supports Firefox and Chrome extensions and offers a secure connection for Playstation, Apple TV, and FireTV. Even though the latter comes with a one-day free trial period, VeePN is definitely not the best free VPN for Firestick. For one thing, there are more negative user reviews than positive ones (mainly because of the lags and slow speeds).

You should also keep in mind that the VeePN iOS and Android apps have fewer features than the PC and laptop versions. For instance, you can’t see your “new” IP address, it does not automatically connect you to a server, and it does not block ads.

Number of Devices

We examined all features the service has to offer for our detailed VeePN VPN review, but we believe this is the biggest strength of the provider. Although most of its competitors allow you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, this number goes up to 10 for VeePN.

Points of Access

With more than 2,500 servers in 50 locations, the VeePN server count sure is impressive. This, too, beats most other VPN services.

Split Tunneling

While you can switch between servers rather quickly, this service does not provide any form of split tunneling. This is not necessarily a bad thing—although it does increase speed, it also poses a threat to security. Depending on your priorities, you might see this as a strength or a downside.

Surfing Through Chinese Websites

The Great Firewall of China dominates many user discussions as evident by a number of  VeePN reviews. Fortunately, the provider doesn’t disappoint. With VeePN, you can surf the web in China freely, avoiding its brutal censorship.

VeePN Security

So far, we saw that VeePN might not have all the crucial features, but the ones it does have are solid. Could the same be said about its security?

Logging Policy

Thanks to its Panama jurisdiction, VeePN doesn’t have to store any logs. It gladly used this chance, but there is still some data that it does store. That alone might ruin this VeePN 2021 review for some.

Although never misused, your account info and contact details are kept. The same goes for your visits to their website, as such data is recorded for analytical reasons. We wouldn’t pay too much attention to this, but such stuff could be a dealbreaker for some.

Security Protocols

This service uses two of the best protocols around, OpenVPN and IKEv2. It also has a tunneling protocol of its own, Smart VeePN. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t work on all networks, which is often pointed out in user-generated VeePN reviews.

It’s important to note that it is more of a transfer protocol than a security protocol. It is a combination of OpenVPN and IKEv2 and is further divided into VeePN Smart TCP and VeePN Smart UDP. The former is geared towards security, while the latter is more about speed. But since this is not an overly secure VPN either way, cybersecurity buffs should still look elsewhere.

There’s not a single word about any point-to-point connection. But since it’s obsolete and VeePN is relatively new, that’s neither surprising nor a bad thing.


Regardless of your OS, VeePN may not be the most secure option around. But it partially makes up for that with its encryption. While it isn’t one of the top 10 VPN services, it uses AES 256-bit to maintain an encrypted connection, just like them.

Automatic Killswitch

There is a VeePN killswitch, but it’s not without its faults—it’s not ideal in combination with IKEv2 connections. While it does do what it’s intended to do (which is to kill off your connection in case of a network failure), chances are it won’t reconnect you. This minor issue is only present within the VeePN Windows app.

Bitcoin Payments

An additional method of protecting your online footprint, cryptocurrency payments do not reveal your identity. If you’re worried about fraud and cybersecurity, you’ll be more than glad to hear that VeePN does support Bitcoin payments.


The VeePN speed is one of the areas where the provider excels. Under ideal circumstances, it only gets decreased by a few Mbps, closely following your regular internet speeds. The same goes for both download and upload speeds.

Even though it can decrease more substantially with distant servers, it’s not out of the norm, so you’ll hardly see anyone complaining. This wouldn’t be possible with a free VeePN version. In that case, the price is justified.

Ease of Use

Another advantage of this service that many users enjoy and share in their VeePN reviews, is its ease of use. The setup procedure could not be any simpler—you just enter your email address, select a payment method and a pricing plan, and you’re good to go. Its interface is also straightforward and user-friendly.

This is true for all versions of VeePN, including the VeePN Android and iOS apps, since they all look similar.


We’ll be blunt —VeePN is not great for streaming. If this is a high priority for you, you might as well stop reading this VeePN review now. The only streaming service you can use freely is HBO GO. Everything else is situational, for lack of a better word.

While some users did manage to run Netflix and BBC’s iPlayer, they are not in the majority. Many claim that VeePN failed at bypassing the geolocation blocker of these services. This is disappointing, especially since streaming on iPlayer and Netflix is advertised on VeePN’s website.


The VeePN speed is outstanding. Despite its streaming issues, it’s an excellent choice for torrenting. Its logging policy could have been better, but with just a little bit of caution, you can use it for P2P file sharing with great efficacy.

VeePN Pricing

Most VPN services have pricing plans that determine the number of features you get, but not this one. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get the same benefits. This means you’ll be able to use it on up to 10 devices with no traffic and bandwidth caps (at least according to the provider). Still, the VeePN prices are far from ideal.

First of all, a monthly subscription cost of $10.99 is too big for a VPN of its rank. It does fall to $5.83 per month with the yearly subscription, but that’s still pricey. Should you decide to go for the five-year plan, it will only cost you $1.67 per month. This is the best and only affordable plan.

The PaymentWall and cryptocurrency payment methods and the 30-day money-back guarantee bring clients convenience and security. All VeePN plans offer these options, so you can try the service and get a refund if you’re not satisfied.


Unfortunately, we weren’t impressed with the quality of customer support. Let’s start with the Support section on the VeePN website. The search bar where you can look up advanced articles is great, but that’s about it. Everything else is somewhat confusing, as help topics are divided into unclear sections.

As for the other means of VeePN support, there is a live 24/7 chat, a ticketing system, and, of course, an email address. While we did not experience any major issues with the live chat, users expressed some concerns. For example, they couldn’t reach support agents during the weekend, even though it’s advertised that they’re available 24/7.

If that’s the case, there should be a warning message, so keep an eye for that. Still, while the chat is reliable for the most part, it seems a bit lackluster. We received swift replies—some from a chatbot, others from a person. They could be more detailed but were helpful nevertheless.

VeePN User Reviews

The looming 87% of all VeePN reviews on Trustpilot are positive. They all praise the service as a whole but especially emphasize its speed and live customer support.

A redeeming quality of the service that users value is that the team promptly responds to all queries. This also means that many problems get fixed right away. Some users complain that the VPN does not work at all, support didn’t adequately address their issues, or they didn’t get a refund. Some were concerned about alleged VeePN bots on Reddit advertising the service aggressively.

Also, it is easy to find a VeePN review on Reddit suggesting that there are good, cheaper options. Although we do agree with that, one should take any VPN service review with a grain of salt. Every VPN has both good and bad reviews, including NordVPN—possibly the best one of them all.

We Recommend VeePN for

VeePN is worth it mostly because of the massive discount from the five-year plan and the superb speed. The number of supported simultaneous connections and the list of supported devices are also staggering, making it a great choice for home users and families.

VeePN Alternatives

If you aren’t satisfied with this VPN service, we still have a solution for you. Take a look at some of VeePN’s alternatives and see if they seem like a better match for you.

VeePN vs NordVPN

As we’ve already mentioned, NordVPN is widely considered to be one of the best ones in general. Although VeePN has a cheaper long-term subscription and supports ten simultaneous connections (as opposed to NordVPN’s six devices), that’s pretty much it.

If you find those crucial, opt for VeePN. Otherwise, NordVPN is the safer bet.

VeePN vs ExpressVPN

If any service can stand up to NordVPN in the fight for the absolute best VPN provider, that’s ExpressVPN. That said, VeePN is not quite there yet.

Long story short, everything we’ve said about NordVPN also goes for ExpressVPN. (Check out our ExpressVPN review to see what else it offers.) This means that VeePN is better than ExpressVPN for the same two reasons it beats NordVPN. Again, if you need many simultaneous connections and a cheap five-year plan, choose VeePN.

VeePN vs Windscribe

Windscribe has a free version (unlike VeePN), better protection, and can work on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. VeePN has 24/7 live customer support and better speeds but is more expensive. Both of them support numerous operating systems but are not great for streaming.

In this case, it all comes down to personal preference. That said, we’d give an advantage to Windscribe. You can read our Windscribe review to find out why. This especially goes if you were hoping to download a free VPN.


This VeePN review was a bumpy ride, but hopefully, you’ve decided if it’s worth your time by now. This is a fast VPN that supports up to ten simultaneous connections, but its pricing is debatable. With the exception of the five-year plan, it’s rather expensive.

It’s one of the worst VPNs for streaming and it has security issues, so we could say it’s average at best. The lack of a free version doesn’t help its rating either, but the generous money-back guarantee offsets this lack to a great degree.

Overall, it is a solid choice for multiple quick connections.


How does VeePN work?

Just like every other VPN, it hides your IP by connecting you to one of its 2,500+ public VPN servers. This way, it protects your privacy and helps you get around geo-blocking.

Is VeePN safe?

Yes, it is safe, even though it has some minor issues with the killswitch functionality Check out the Security section of this VeePN review for a more detailed analysis of its security features.

Is VeePN good?

Yes and no. It is a fast service but cheap only if you subscribe to the five-year plan. It’s erratic for streaming yet great for torrenting.


Branko is a round-the-clock tech geek and loving it. His ideal vacation destination is the Akihabara District (or really any place he can take his computer). If there’s a server out there, count on him to find out what it’s made of… and tell you all about it.