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Do you have a different experience with any of the hosts reviewed by the Hosting Tribunal?

Share your impressions, good or bad. Let us know what you liked at the host you have used, what made you angry, what was unclear or can be improved.

You can post detailed user reviews under each review.

In case you have some serious complaints about a web host, a dispute that has been going on for way too long without any resolution or any other form of unjust treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You must:

  • Include the company name in the subject line
  • Describe the issue in detail
  • Attach screenshots of any interactions – mail, chat – with the web host
  • Include the chronology of the dispute – when it began and what followed
  • Send anything else that you deem relevant to the conflict and we will reach the host on your behalf


If you want to submit a web hosting company for review, please, use this format:

  • Email us at nick [at]
  • Insert the company name in the subject line
  • Clarify your relationship with the hosting provider: owner, manager, employee, user
  • Give us a nudge over on Twitter or Facebook. A follow would be nice too!


We normally reply within 24 hours.

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Lastly, do not contact us if you are:

  • Selling links
  • Looking for link exchange